Battleground Surrey: Almost no police on the streets, McCallum on attack but wrong

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For the last few decades crime situation and policing in Surrey are the top issues. Issues on which resolution this community still waits and will probably wait for a significant time in the future. Whoever becomes next Mayor of Surrey this November will have very though battle ahead to reach final model for this problem. According to latest data made available on Thursday current situation is worse than we expected.

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Battleground Surrey: McCallum wants to lead?!

mccallumFormer Mayor of Surrey Doug McCallum, who already served three terms as Mayor of Surrey, announced on Monday that he will seek another term. Man who spent last decade far far away from Surrey’s political and public scene now claims that he cares that much for community and residents that he’s ready to lead once more. In statement to The Now Newspapers just before he went to make official announcement McCallum said that “it’s time for leadership and to get things done”. He also said that his campaign will be based on four key areas: crime, city finances, transportation and bringing a ward system to Surrey. If elected McCallum wants to scrap SCDC and SRES and partly I can support these two. The biggest issue after all will be his extensive baggage which is coming from his years at Council and his inactivity over the last ten years.  Continue reading

Battleground Surrey: RCMP and criminologist telling us to not worry

New City HallLast year was record year when it come to number of murders committed in Surrey since 2005. Countless hours, articles, media appearances and meetings between top political and law enforcement leaders haven’t help so far to turn that trend into positive direction. Only good news over the last few months was arrest of Julie Paskall murdered. Deadly and dangerous situation continues,  majority of Surrey political brass is utterly silent, while police and criminologist who serves on Mayor’s Crime Task force are trying to convince us that there is no problem at all. Latest surge happened last week when Surrey recorded three murders in just five days. Continue reading

Battleground Surrey: Why we didn’t know about Gopaul earlier?

julie paskall vigilLast week everyone who lives in the City of Surrey was happy to learn that Julie Paskall murderer is arrested after almost half a year long investigation by local RCMP. Surrey RCMP and IHIT leaders were accompanied by Mayor of Surrey Dianne Watts held a press conference to inform a public about details of this investigation, but missed to mention very important elements which were discovered later by journalists. Continue reading

[VIDEO] A Tour of Newton’s Danger Zone with Doug Elford

The community safety situation in the Newton region, especially after the random, inexplicable murder of 53-year-old hockey mom Julie Paskall, is one of the hottest issues in Surrey, BC.

City officials are trying to convince the public that everything is under control and the city is doing enough for this community, while residents paint a different picture. Some critics claim the whole Newton security situation is just hysteria, but the people of Newton are living in fear. Continue reading