(Red)Akcija Srebrenica – 11. 7. 2014.


Guest Post: The Future Lives Here??? by Martin Rooney

Martin Rooney and Jen Marchbank

Martin Rooney and Jen Marchbank


This could be an expose of many other underlying issues affecting our municipality. An historic first for North America with Toronto having just hosted the first ever WorldPride in North America. The scenes of Canada’s largest city embracing millions of people proud of who they are, was amazing. The economic impact of the willingness to fly the Pride flag on municipal flag poles has served many many Canadian cities well. From Halifax to Victoria the Pride Flag flies on municipal buildings for at least one day during the pride season. Some tend to embrace the GLBT community even further by flying the flag for the whole week surrounding their Prides. Continue reading

Egypt sentences journalists for practising journalism

(Photo: Al-Jazeera)

(Photo: Al-Jazeera)

Once in the Catholic Church persecuted Galileo Galilei for his stands based on scientific discoveries, presumed witches were burned in public, leaders of Templars too, but none expected that great inquisition would be back in 21st century. It is back and on Monday Great Court of Inquisition in Egypt sentenced to seven years of jail three Al-Jazeera journalists for practising journalism. Sentences which were handed to Mohamed Fahmy who’s also Canadian citizen, Australian correspondent Peter Greste and Egyptian producer Baher Mohamed. Mr. Mohamed received an extra three years in prison on separate charges.

These journalists are just pawns in the bigger story which goes between Qatari based multilingual channel and new “democratic” Egyptian government and it’s based on presumption and overall view that Al-Jazeera supports Muslim Brotherhood. This sentences even if Court and state decide to give a clemency and release Mr. Fahmy and his colleagues will remain a darkest stain on the face of Egypt.  Continue reading

Erdogan in fight against social media and media in general

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip ErdoganTurkish Prime Minister R. T. Erdogan is one of the longest serving political leaders in Euro-Asian part of the world, someone who successfully survived economic crisis, political plots and opposition games against his regime. Beside the fact that since he took power in Turkey many positive things, especially when it comes to state economy and political influence in the region (not often in right direction) Erdogan has problems with other issues. Continue reading

Ukraine is at war, World is sanctioning?!

(Photo: Flickr / Christiaan Triebert)

(Photo: Flickr / Christiaan Triebert)

Not long ago I wrote here about situation in Ukraine and I asked who’s gonna win people or Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin through his thugs in Kiev. Now after days of bloodshed between police, paramilitary and protesters we can say that Yanukovych, Putin and their brutal forces are winning a battle, but not a war. This is a war, very old and very powerful model in fight against people fighting for democracy in post-Communistic countries across Europe. Continue reading

BC Premier expects better jobs situation in municipal election year

Premier ClarkBC Premier, self-proclaimed champion of families, jobs and economy Christy Clark in her year end interview few days ago acknowledged that her key jobs plan is on slow pace and expressed expectation that jobs creation will pick up next year. While she traveled around Asia on trade mission over the last few weeks, avoiding her job at the Legislature, new numbers showed BC’s failure in two key areas of her two last campaigns. One is status of BC families, especially children, with highest ever child poverty rate currently leading in Canada. Second is as she said “slow pace” jobs creation trend which didn’t delivered even close to what she wanted to be. Continue reading