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Trudeau should think twice before he speaks

(Photo: Flickr)
(Photo: Flickr)

Canadian politics are one of the most interesting places in the world, especially when it comes to foreign politics and Canadian political leaders approach to it. Stephen Harper, reasonably or not, years ago decided to ditch United Nations due to his view that being active participant in its business is not benefiting Canada and its interest across the world. Also his stands on Mid-East political issues are not very welcomed among various groups or nations, but one Canadian political leader in particular recently caused very heated reactions and offended many. Justin Trudeau, presumed favourite ahead of next year federal elections, is showing to everybody that he is not ready to take highest office in the country. Probably older Canadians would say that he reminds them of his late father once PM who walked in the House of Commons in flip-flops, Hawaiian shirts and in 1971 mumbled “fuddle duddle” to colleague across the aisle. His son, Justin, who today leads Liberals and its seen as potential successor to Stephen Harper as Prime Minister managed first to leave speechless whole country with his praise to Chinese government and now offended whole Ukrainian nation with his “hockey joke”. Continue reading “Trudeau should think twice before he speaks”

Rex Murphy: The “Unbearable” Lightness of Justin Trudeau

Kosovo, Ignatieff and Canada

Enver Hoxhaj (Photo: Flickr)

Two years ago Michael Ignatieff was written off by Canadian voters after Stephen Harper Conservatives branded him as a “just visiting” dilettante. Not long after that Ignatieff resigned Liberal Party leadership and left a world of politics to return to his old passion of academia where he successfully operated for several decades. Since then Canadian public didn’t heard much from Prof. Ignatieff, but his international stature brought him praise from Kosovo’s Foreign Affair Minister Enver Hoxhaj during recent visit to Ottawa and meeting with John Baird one of Ignatieff biggest political foes ever.  Continue reading “Kosovo, Ignatieff and Canada”

Wanna be PM and Liberal Leader supports David Suzuki

TrudeauLiberal Party Leader, better known as a person who’s charging charities to speak at their events, and wanna be Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau showed to us which kind of Canada he wants to lead. Trudeau is supporting well known environmentalist controversialist David Suzuki in his frontal blunt shameful attack on Canada’s immigration, claiming Suzuki could have a point in this matter. Continue reading “Wanna be PM and Liberal Leader supports David Suzuki”

Harper in bad situation, Opposition is playing games

HarperOver the last few weeks PM Harper and his government are caught in one of the biggest scandal seasons over the last decade or so. They succeed in creating such amazing number of scandals, some of them tightly related, some totally unrelated, but after all extremly damaging. The biggest is so called “Duffy Gate” or Wright/Duffy affair which is still going on very strong and according to latest media reports it will stay strong for a while. Continue reading “Harper in bad situation, Opposition is playing games”

Clark brushes off Falcon comments, Bose is speculating on Falcon future

Premier ClarkLate last night BC public learned through The Globe and Mail article, authored by Justine Hunter, apparently BC government and Premier Clark overstepped financial boundaries for proposed  Wood Innovation and Design Centre (WIDC) project in Prince George. Details regarding this new chapter in this controversy which includes Premier Clark and two of her powerful ministers Bell and Bond were provided by former Finance Minister and outgoing MLA, Kevin Falcon. Continue reading “Clark brushes off Falcon comments, Bose is speculating on Falcon future”

Excellent comment by Andrew Coyne

National Post | Full Comment

The current issue of The New Yorker contains an absorbing piece by Jill Lepore on Campaigns Inc., the “first political consulting firm in the history of the world.” Established in 1933 by a pair of former journalists, the firm went on to win 70 of 75 elections for its clients over the next two decades, in the process writing the rules for every campaign that was to follow.

As Lepore summarizes them, they include: “Make it personal: candidates are easier to sell than issues… Pretend that you are the Voice of the People… Attack, attack, attack… Never explain… Say the same thing over and over again… Simplify, simplify, simplify…” And, a personal favourite: “You can put on a fight, or you can put on a show.”

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So no, the Harper Conservatives did not invent dumb, dishonest, attack-dog politics — though they may have perfected it. The return of…

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Give them a chance

SURREY – In next two to three weeks newly elected MP’s will start their work in House of Commons, in totally new atmosphere. Conservatives will enjoy their work as majority and for the first time in last five years all of their bills will be almost easily passed and accepted on the House floor. Even if they’re surprise of this elections, much interesting is opposition side of the House. Unusually but widely supported NDP Leader Jack Layton will have a full hands of work, Liberals will fight for survival on political scene for the first time since Canada become Federation nearly 150 years ago.
Continue reading “Give them a chance”

Canadians are saying “NO” to Harper and Ignatieff

SURREY – Orange surge as many of my colleagues are describing high popularity of NDP and its leader Jack Layton is one of the biggest surprises which Canadian politics saw in last five years since Stephen Harper earned a right to govern. On that Friday morning when a Parliament on opposition initiative found Canadian government in contempt of Parliament and forced elections, no one was seeing NDP in a 2nd place and much less Jack Layton in possible opposition leader chair. As much this is about Orange surge, much more is about two other major or let’s say mainstream parties which were main candidates for power in a days after May 2nd.

More than ever is clear that Canadians are saying “no” to Conservatives and Liberals on their pledges to give them a support and elect then as majority government next Monday. Punishment is coming after a years of unsuccessful and unproductive struggle for power and political overpowering over each other between Conservatives and Liberals. It is coming also, more on Conservative side, as a reflection of mounting scandals, irregularities and unwillingness to work and talk to people during this campaign. Continue reading “Canadians are saying “NO” to Harper and Ignatieff”

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