Radical Islamist Choudary and his support to terrorists

Anjem Choudary

Anjem Choudary

According to media reports in Britain radical Islamist Anjem Choudary once again spoke out in support to London terrorists, this time supporting Drummer Lee Rigby killers. This well known radical is one of the most outrages persons I ever heard off since Bin Laden’s hoards of terrorists attacked New York in 2001. Following murder of innocent British soldier, father, son and brother Lee Rigby, shameless Choudary once again, this time on BBC Newsnight program, delivered unbelievable statement in which he claimed that majority of Muslim population would support what Mr. Rigby killer said on the video just moments after he committed this horrible crime. He claimed that he was shocked but refuses to abhor Woolwich attack. Continue reading


Redžiću, Avdiću, Hebibu, Trnka, Ganiću gdje vam je bio mozak?

Redžić na zasjedanju SBK

Redžić na zasjedanju SBK

Kada je prošle sedmice bivši Reis-ul-ulema Mustafa Cerić zajedno sa još oko tristotinjak svojih istomišljenika osnivao pan-bošnjački svjetski kongres i odabirao zastavu sa ljiljanima za zastavu Bošnjačkog naroda niko se u dvorani nije usudio ni riječ prozboriti. Jedini izuzetak je bio i ostao do danas prof. dr. Enver Imamović jedan od najpoznatijih stručnjaka za bosanski srednji vijek i profesor arheologije na UNSA. Ipak ono što me je istinski iznenadilo i razočaralo jeste da sam na snimkama sa netom održane ceremonije vidio neke dobro poznate likove od kojih sam se nadao da će reagovat na ovu istorijsku pljačku.  Continue reading

New radical burst from Khamenei

Khamenei and Ahmedinejad

Khamenei and Ahmedinejad

Unnamed 21-year-old follower of Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who wanted to start music lessons program or school, asked highest state official if music is allowed or acceptable according to Islam. No one expected that Iranian leader will responded on this way, more over no one expected that respond will find his place on the list of the most radical ruling since the 1979 Khomeini Revolution. Ayatollah Khamenei said to his follower that even music is allowed or hallal in Islam, music is “not compatible” with high values of Islamic Republic of Iran. According to semi-official media Khamenei said:

“Although music is halal, promoting and teaching it is not compatible with the highest values of the sacred regime of the Islamic Republic. It’s better that our dear youth spend their valuable time in learning science and essential and useful skills and fill their time with sport and healthy recreations instead of music.”

Clerical religious rulings or fatwa’s are usually followed only by their on followers, and they don’t have any impact on the regional or state levels, but in this case situation is completely different. Ayatollah Khamenei made his rulings, by his own fatwa, the only clerical whom orders will be considered as administrative orders for whole country. In his last month fatwa Khamenei said that his leadership is directly connected to Prophet Mohammad and obligated all Iranians to obey his rulings. His own practice is to not express his own views so often in public, but many analysts are convinced that Khamenei himself was a person behind crackdown of music in a time of 1979 Revolution.

Reformist Ayatollah Mohammad Khatami wins 1997 presidential elections, and loosened some tights connected to music and other pleasures in Iran. But since his successor Mohammad Ahmadinejad took presidential office radical views against music and musical practice in Iran are parts of state policies. Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, led by Ahamadinejad followers, has refused to issue thousands of permissions for distribution of music contents in country. They also refused to permit several hundred requests for concert or public events in a fear that those activities would be used by opposition against Ahmadinejad’s and Khamenei’s administrations.

“They are afraid of my concerts because of those moments before the concert is begun, when the whole hall is in silence and darkness when someone suddenly shouts ‘death to dictator’ and everybody accompanies and they are unable to identify that person”, said Mohammad Reza Shajarian, Iran’s most prolific and popular classical vocalist.

Jihadist Anjem Choudary’s incredible ideology

Anjem Choudary

Anjem Choudary

In those days when whole world is remembering terroristic attacks on London five years ago and when it’s getting ready to remember victims on 9/11 attacks nine years ago eminent foreign affair expert and CNN host Fareed Zakaria interviewed British born Anjem Choudary who openly calls Muslims on Jihad. Beside calls on Jihad, Mr. Choudary openly supports Osama bin Laden, he propagates return of Sharia law in Muslim countries and establishment of Sharia law in Western world. Many of Choudary’s stands are controversial and disputable even if you are Muslim. According to his biographical data available on the internet he is born and raised in UK, he studied economy before took a transfer to law school; in past he was one of the biggest supporters of imam Abu Hamza Al-Masri who is current imprisoned in UK’s jail and faced with extradition to U.S. authorities.

His point on Sharia law is that there is no any of the current, as he said, “So-called” Muslim countries who are implementing Sharia law and he accuses them for implementation of non-Muslim or kufr law.

“No, we have – we have today about 55 so-called Muslim countries. None of them are implementing the Sharia. Some of the worst and the most barbaric, in fact, are, for example, the Iranian regime and the Saudi regime. Many people would believe that they are Islamic countries but in fact they’re implementing non-Islamic, kufr law, and in fact, you know, this is much more dangerous because when you give a semblance on Sharia and you after that oppress the people and you implement injustice, you know, it gives the impression that there’s something wrong with the Sharia, and that’s not the case”, said Mr. Choudary.

Recent polls conducted all over the Muslim world are showing that support for radical Islamist ideas including those ones presented by Mr. Choudary and preachers like him close to Osama bin Laden ideas is falling down. On country Mr. Choudary is confident that situation on the terrain is completely different and in favor of his ideas.

“I don’t think so. You’ve been living in America for too long. Let me tell you something. If there was an election between any leader of Muslim – of the Muslim countries in the world today and Sheik Osama bin Laden, he would win hands down”, said Mr. Choudary.

He continues more over with his interesting, I don’t know on what established, thesis in correlation with democracy and elected representatives. Fair point comes by Mr. Zakaria that in many Muslim countries in the world elections are regular parts of life and that radical Islamists are fairly defeated on many of them.

Anjem Choudary and Fareed Zakaria

Anjem Choudary and Fareed Zakaria

“Wait a second, I’m not propagating the idea of elections and democracy and freedom because these things are anathema to Osama. My point is that these fellows are more popular among the Muslim. If you – if you go to any ordinary practicing Muslim in any part of the Muslim world, they will say we believe the Sharia needs to be implemented. Because they don’t stand for those elections, number one, and they don’t believe voting is allowed. If you were a Muslim practicing, you don’t believe in democracy because democracy separates God from life’s affairs and politics”, stated Mr. Choudary.

Well I can agree with his stand if you are part of the smallest population in worldwide Islamic Community and yes if you support Osama bin Laden; but in practice that’s not true. Even if we look in his homeland of UK we would find a enormous Muslim population who is voting, being elected and supports democracy and looks ahead to improve their rights. Same situation is in many other European countries, in North America or in Asia were Muslims are representing visible minorities or were they are in slight majority.

In whole bunch of sporadic issues discussed on this show one particular statement of Mr. Choudary caches my attention. On a Zakaria’s question regarding killing innocent human beings in terroristic attacks and pointing on Qur’an sentence which states that if kill one it is like killing whole world; Choudary gives totally unexpected and wrong answer.

“Muslim life”, responds Mr. Choudary.

God Almighty didn’t specify in his Holy Book, Qur’an, if that person is Muslim or not. Qur’an and Islam are not permitting and they don’t support killing of innocent persons based on their religion, skin color or national identity. In Islamic history, if you look sincerely, you would find innumerous examples that Muslims lived together with members of all other major religious communities and that they even helped to each other in crisis situations. Every life is a life, every human is a human.

And my final observation on this interview would be Mr. Choudary’s claim that in many cases CIA plotted attacks all over the world against innocent people in effort to discredit radical Islamists. I didn’t see any of those actions, so I can’t say that they didn’t happened but I’m pretty sure that we can’t mistaken video footages of soon-to-be suicide bombers with CIA or intelligence agents who are going to plot action against radicals. Also we can mistaken terroristic attacks on many locations in Muslim countries were suicide bombers killed hundreds or thousands of innocent men’s, women’s and children in favor of Mr. Choudary’s ideology.

It’s good and educational to heard from time to time voices of ideologists like Mr. Choudary so we don’t forget on their ideas and pledges whom are plausible threat to all of us without concerns on our name, skin color or homeland. Better solution for future cooperation and normal coexistence between nations is to support voices of peace, respect and true spirituality in all religions and to open media space to them so they can embrace all positive and respectful ideas.

Ground Zero Mosque major election issue

Rick Lazio

Rick Lazio, photo: NPR

GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio on Tuesday called his opponent Democratic candidate and current AG, Andrew Cuomo, to investigate multi-million mosque project planned to be build just a bloc away from Ground Zero in New York. According to NPR Lazio told to media on conference in NY that he wants to know more about project’s funding and raised questions about NY imam Faisel Abdul Rauf who recently refused to call Hamas a terroristic organization.

Early published informations about this project, which is supported by NY mayor Bloomberg and many others, will be financed and build American Society for Muslim Advancement and Cordoba Initiative. Mayor Bloomberg and supporters of this project who would be build just a bloc away from Ground Zero are confident that this project wouldn’t be a major security problem. Lazio based his request to Cuomo on regulation which puts AG in control over all NGO projects in the City.

“We’re asking the attorney general to exert his authority to investigate the sources of these donations … to determine whether it is compliant, and whether the Cordoba Initiative … is in fact a legitimate charity. And in fact, whether the sources of income are legitimate or if they pose a security risk to the people of New York and the people of America”, said Lazio on the press conference.

AG’s office released a statement which call everyone who has a proof of wrongdoing to send those evidences to them and they will release a official investigation. Lazio didn’t precise if he is in favour or against proposed project, but he clarify that this question is not religious question.

“This is not a matter of religion, let’s make that really clear. This is a question of motivation, of transparency, of an imam who has clearly made some comments that are inflammatory”, said Lazio.

Other side in this project, especially imam Rauf, didn’t answered on media calls for response on Lazio’s accusations but it’s expected that they would do that in next few days.

Clash of civilizations by Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali self-proclaimed expert for almost everything in connection with Islam and Islamic culture get’s a new chance to impress all Muslims; but with bad and disgusting impression. Her interview with Evan Solomon on today’s Power and Politics aired on CBC is perfect example for representation of misinformation’s and badly argument stories.

Many of her thesis specially those one’s established on the works of late Professor Samuel P. Huntington are nothing more than disgrace to Islam and Muslims all over the world. As a Muslim I must to say that she’s totally and utterly wrong in almost everything what she presented on CBC. There is a small amount of her thesis which can be deliberated in a light of last events in Islamic world but her criticism on several points is completely out of deliberation points.

It is amazing how she formed borders around Muslims and Islamic world as a “radical” culture and religion. Facts about Muslims and their religion are brutally against her arguments. Radical population and population who are devoted to terroristic actions against others are the smallest populations in whole Muslim population in the world. Europe and North America are home for hundreds of millions of Muslims; they are free to practice their religion, they had their own schools approved by states as USA or Canada, they are successful in education and the road to the opportunity is wide open to them as any other member of society. Every single person who is interested in history of the world can conclude that Muslims are not alone and exclude in sporadic fights or wars between them or between Muslims vs. non-Muslims.

That’s a part of human nature and it’s caused by political, religious or economic interests since first generations on the Earth. For example England was battle ring for Catholics and Protestants, Ireland also, ETA leads her fight against Spain and France, Italy was under attacks of Red Brigades and Mafia, USA was caught in the civil war and there is many more contra examples. Conclusion on this topic can be only one: Muslims are not only radicals and they are not only terrorists in the world; they can be only accused criminal but also they can’t be only victim in the world.

Another amazing stand of this “expert” who filmed very irritating films against Islam and Muslims is that will be good and respectful for humanity if all Muslim will be converted to Catholicism. When we analyze her words we can see that she is completely diseased by Huntington virus. Maybe she wants to say to the Muslims that is good to be converted into religion were supreme leader is protecting and hiding pedophiles and child molesters, in which we can also find radical elements who are proclaiming anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim and many other religions or nations.

She also said that we need more feminists to promote self-confidence to Muslim women’s and to show them how to dress themselves and how to educate themselves. As someone who comes from Muslim family with more than 500 years of history and who comes from part of the world were Islam is part of the life for more than 700 years, I must to say that she doesn’t know to much about Islam and Muslims. In countries like Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, all Nordic countries, former USSR countries including Russia (excluding minority radical elements) every sincere and truthful observer will find hundreds of millions of highly educated and successful Muslim women’s in many cases dress as any other westernized woman.

Did we need feminists to explain to Muslim women’s what mean’s education and fashion when we have examples of Jasmila Zbanic, Bosnian director who win Golden Bear on the Berlinale, Aygul Ozakan first Muslim minister in any German government, baroness Warsi first Muslim minister in UK’s government, or Rt. Hon. Yasmin Ratansi MP in Canadian Parliament, Jordanian Queen Rania or Moroccan Princess Salma? No we don’t they perfectly know their rights and possibilities in life, and yes they used them for better life of their families and communities and whole Muslim population.  Beside those honourable examples we need to acknowledge that there are Muslims countries who are forbidding girls and women’s education but in a last year or so public was informed about several positive initiatives related to that. Saudi Arabia who was a leader of anti-education campaign recently opened first Women University under protection and guidance of H.R.H King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz who also indirectly promotes anti-niqab campaign publishing his pictures with more than forty women’s without veil.

Third but not least important thesis of Mrs. Hirsi Ali is anti-multiculturalism and request for homosexual acceptance from Islam and Muslims. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is sitting in CBC studio and representing herself to Canadian public established at this moment from more than hundred different nations and cultures. She’s addressing herself to whole world where is no any country without multiculturalism. According to last researches conducted in Canada in next twenty or so years current visible minorities will become leading parts of population.

In many US cities today you can’t walk around without seeing whole parts of towns called by many different nations and their ancestry. According to Australian journalists and recent visits to Australia from Balkans and South Europe you don’t need to known English at all and you will be able to communicate with wide range of public servants, professionals and average people on the street. If homosexual relationships and movement are not accepted in any other religion and as they are considered as sin why they will be accepted by Islam and Muslims who are also considering this activities as sin and wrong? I don’t have anything against homosexuals and their activities; because of this anyone doesn’t have a right to force me to accept that as something natural and appropriable because I don’t think that they are normal and appropriate.

Discussion about secular Islam and his future role in the society is very welcomed and much needed in today’s world and society but I don’t think that thinkers from her spectrum of ideology are good enough to discuss about modernized and multicultural world. We need discussion founded on the right arguments and scientific researches in favour of all nations, religions and cultures because today world is home for all of us not only for one religion as it was proposed by Mrs. Hirsi Ali.

Burqa/Niqāb ban in Europe and North America, freedom of religion or political issue?

“The Niqāb is a tradition, it has no connection with religion” – Dr. Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi (1928-2010), Grand Sheikh Al-Azhar University Cairo


In last two decades major issue in developed countries is immigration, integration of immigrants in new society and cooperation between society and immigrant community. Integration and cooperation are depended on each immigrant or their community but also on state law’s and regulations. Last few years brought to our attention Muslim communities, their way of life practicing their own religion and questions regarding their freedom of religion and expression of Islam.

There is no anyone who doesn’t have a chance to see burqa/niqāb or veil on faces of Muslim women’s in countries of Arab World or Persian Gulf. Moreover this piece of clothing is much more related to the Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, Afghanistan than to Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Morocco or Egypt. Anyone who knows anything about Islam will connect niqāb with those societies who declare themselves as followers of “right” Islam introduced through Muhammad Ibn Abd-al-Wahhab’s movement. Abd-al-Wahhab’s followers are usually introduced to the rest of the World as “Radical Islamists” and their are correlated to militant and radical political groups. Beside followers of Wahhabi movement there is also several radical groups who are followers of Sayyid Qutb’s ideology which is also described as “radical”. On list of his followers we will discover Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaida. Both movements introduced burqa/niqāb as part of women’s clothing as “shield” from men’s eyes and as some sort of protection from adultery.

Burqa/Niqāb is highly controversial issue all over the Islamic World and is also controversial issue in Western World since late 19th century since Islam had a first contacts with secularism and modernization processes. Today we’re faced with political actions towards this issue and each society tries to find a best way to ban or allow burqa/niqāb in everyday life. Since 2008 and start of discussion in France we saw several different way’s of dealing with this issue. Spain, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Greece face themselves with accusations for Islamophobia and intolerance towards visible minorities. Two weeks ago Quebec’s Provincial Government led by Liberal PM Jean Charest introduce Bill 94 which purpose is to ban burqa/niqāb from all governmental institutions, educational institutions under governmental control and public important institutions and locations. Kathleen Wiel, Justice Minister in Quebec’s Government, explain to the public that this Bill 94 has a purpose to improve security in Quebec and to improve identification of each and every person in mentioned institutions.

Shekikh Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi Is burqa/niqāb issue of political importance or religious issue? If we accept fatwa issued by late Sheikh Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi spiritual leader of largest and oldest Sunni University in the World, Cairo’s Al-Azhar, answer on this question is “No”. There is no political and religious issues, there is only issue of tradition over a particular way of life in individual society. When I’m walking through Surrey in Canada’s British Columbia or Chicago or Munich in Germany I’m able to see so many young and old modern and traditional Muslim women’s with their colorful headscarves some of them in jeans and modern clothing’s some of them in traditional dresses but more important I can their faces and see how proud they are on their own faith and chance to live that live Islam. When they walked through mall’s, shopping stores, Universities you can how other had respect for them and their religion without any offences towards their clothing or Islam. But when your faced with Muslim women with completely covered face, specially if your born and raised in society with strong connection and rich heritage of Islam as myself, you can feel some sort of awkward feeling. Maybe is better to say you can feel yourself in uncomfortable situation. In those moments your not dealing with their religion or their faith your dealing with their unusual tradition and that’s not political or religious issue.

Women’s who are practicing burqa/niqāb are “invisible” minority in Islam, they’re coming from less than 10% of overall Muslim World population. If we want to exchange this situation in the World we need to exchange our way of presenting Islam. If we had a problem with burqa/niqāb we need to introduce new immigration rules, not ban laws, and to explain to those women’s that we are not comfortable with their clothing. We need to present to the society successful Muslim women’s, young and old, educated, with established careers and families, we need to represent the best of the best  in our societies and to help them on their way to successful and bright full future, also that will help us to stay out of controversies and to keep out of our society those ones who are not prepared to include themselves in.