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Zlatko Lagumdžija: Amater na mjestu ministra vanjskih poslova

lagumdzijaZlatko Lagumdžija, šef SDP-a i bh. diplomatije, iskoristio je zasjedanje Generalne Skupštine Ujedinjenih Nacija u New Yorku da još jednom pokaže i dokaže o kakvom se političkom amateru radi. Prvo je dao izjavu FENI u kojoj je na sva svoja usta hvalio svoj rad, poteze i ulogu u New Yorku, a u vezi medijskih izvještaja da je bio jedini diplomata koji je hodao svečanom dvoranom u trenutku dok se svijetu obraćao ni manje ni više nego Barack Obama. Continue reading “Zlatko Lagumdžija: Amater na mjestu ministra vanjskih poslova”

Obama to seek congressional authorization on Syria

US President Barack Obama is ready to use a military force in Syria, having prepared a significant force in the region as he said ready to act as soon as he makes final decision, but that decision will be made upon debate at the Capitol Hill is concluded and Congress has its say on this matter. Obama as the Commander in Chief expressed his belief that Syrian issue is one of those threatening US national security and one of those unacceptable events in the international relations arena. Both houses of the US Congress will be back on Monday, September 9th, to discuss potential authorization to the President Obama but is unlikely that they would come early to that.  Continue reading “Obama to seek congressional authorization on Syria”

Kerry must to learn how to deal with GOP, Syria and Russia

John Kerry probably the best choice to replace ClintonAs this year is coming to it’s end and US President Barack Obama is getting ready to officially start his second term, focus is on his battle with GOP on fiscal cliff, and departure of his once upon a time biggest enemy Hillary Clinton. As she decided to retire from official politics and pursue different path in her career public is slowly getting more and more interested in her successor Sen. John Kerry. Kerry is lucky this time, more than he ever been because GOP worked for him and cleared a path to become new Secretary of State. First of all they mounted extensive media campaign in which he was proclaimed as one of the best candidates to replace Clinton, and ferociously attacked his opponent Susan Rice. Continue reading “Kerry must to learn how to deal with GOP, Syria and Russia”

From The Propagandist: Bosnian Politicians Fail to Change Constitution That Breaches Human Rights

Leaders of Bosnia’s six main parties have failed to reach agreement on ways to implement a 2009 European Court of Human Rights ruling on rights of ethnic minorities to allow them to be elected to high public offices. The European Court of Human Rights ruling, brought by Jew and a Roma, called on Bosnia and Herzegovina to change its constitution to allow ethnic minorities, as well as main ethnic groups (Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats), to compete for high public offices including for the Presidency and federal parliament. Continue reading “From The Propagandist: Bosnian Politicians Fail to Change Constitution That Breaches Human Rights”

Canadian foreign policy doesn’t need review, needs more action and results

SURREY – According to recent media reports and opinions expressed in Canadian medias our foreign policy will be faced with another review and probably major facelift. To some this is totally appropriate approach to one of the most important political elements of our system, probably one of the strongest and best import products to any world country. Others are sure Canadian foreign policy is good just needs minor clarifications with reconsidering steps towards some of the important partners on the international scene. Both sides are pretty sure Canada needs to play bigger role on international scene, to boost it’s influence and continue be one of the worlds strongest importers of positive principles of political system and human rights standards.  Continue reading “Canadian foreign policy doesn’t need review, needs more action and results”

The Fourth Surrey Regional Economic Summit welcomes Presidents Clinton and Bush

SURREY – In exactly two weeks Surrey, BC’s second largest municipal centre and one of the rare communities which didn’t stop their development in recession times, will be centre of financial and economical world. Several hundred businessmen, community leaders, politicians and journalists will together for one day event in effort to discuss current situation, probably to predict future events or just to sent message to world of politics how to fight with current problems. Feature conversation on Fourth Surrey Regional Economic Summit will be hour and fifteen minutes long conversation with two former US presidents Bill Clinton and G.W. Bush. Continue reading “The Fourth Surrey Regional Economic Summit welcomes Presidents Clinton and Bush”

Bosnia and Herzegovina will follow EU stand on Palestinian case

SURREY/SARAJEVO – Bosnia and Herzegovina will follow stands of European Union and other major political players in late in September on United Nations General Assembly regarding Palestinian request for membership and seat in General Assembly. This is only and probably the best result of meetings held between Bosnian leadership and Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas who’s in three day official visit to Sarajevo. As it was expected Bosnian Presidency expressed different views on this issue stating extremely polarized opinions regarding Palestinian-Israeli dispute and future of two states in Middle East, seat at UN and future relations between Bosnia,Palestine and Israel. Continue reading “Bosnia and Herzegovina will follow EU stand on Palestinian case”

Balkans finally got a chance to own agreement without foreign interference

SURREY – Since Yugoslavian leaders decide to take their countries on the path of independence in early 1990’s USA was and remains one of the most important partners in resolution of all disputes. Four US presidents two from family Bush and two Democrat presidents (Clinton and Obama) were forced to use their knowledge or strength in effort to save lives in Balkan wars or to move these countries close to European Union or NATO membership. But now when United States are in big (post)recession tumble and fighting for its own fiscal and political stability is a time for local leaders to take a faith Balkan countries in their hands and lead them into better future. On the other side European Union must to step into action and help those on this quest, but not as enforcer of decision rather as consultant whose opinion would be valued but not the most important element in making decisions. Some of Balkan countries are working hardly on moving forwards, but some are still stuck in a same place where they started independence adventure. Actions like this one are permanently needed in three countries Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo, Croatia and Montenegro are way ahead of them and I’m pretty sure that these two will be able to carve path to the EU and other international institutions with respectful success. Continue reading “Balkans finally got a chance to own agreement without foreign interference”

Everyone is guilty, only Harper is innocent

Since Tuesday and amazing withdraw of Canadian bid for seat in U.N.’s Security Council we are faced with sever Conservative attack on almost everyone in the country and in the world who thinks that PM Harper and his policy made a case against Canadian bid. As we heard from Foreign Affair Minister, Lawrence Cannon, main opponent should I say “criminal” is Opposition Leader, Michael Ignatieff, later through the media we acknowledge that UAE and U.S. didn’t found appropriate to support Canadian bid.

Continue reading “Everyone is guilty, only Harper is innocent”

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