Daniel Serwer u BV-u: Dodik nije Vučićev, a ni američki čovjek. Ovo nije najveća kriza u BiH.


Serbia’s Anti-Terrorist Unit Spokesman called on hooligans to attack civil society representatives

Radomir Počuča

Radomir Počuča

Use of Social Media today is one of the most important elements in everyday business of almost every institution. Social Media is a great tool in hands of every spokesperson to deliver much needed informations to the public. But line between proper and improper and in between personal and official use of these great tools is very thin.

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Hank Paulson says Congress will rise debt ceiling

Hank Paulson (Photo: Flickr)

Hank Paulson (Photo: Flickr)

Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, well known as person who doesn’t often speaks to media, gave a several interviews over the last few days. Paulson wishes that he has today’s regulatory tools adding, what signifies that he was not unable to do more while he was at the head of Treasury.

What I found interesting is Paulson’s confidence that US Congress would rise the debt ceiling beside current GOP refusal to do so. It might look that Paulson has either insider informations or he just believes that GOP would not be able to refuse to compile with President Obama ideas. Continue reading

Key players for Obama on Syria: Biden, Kerry, Hagel and McCain

Obama, McCain and Graham during the Oval Office Meeting on Monday (Photo: Flickr)

Obama, McCain and Graham during the Oval Office Meeting on Monday (Photo: Flickr)

International community, especially in the MidEast, over the next few days will listen what comes out of US Congress and The White House prior to the debate on authorization on use of military in Syria. Since US President Barack Obama, flanked by his Vice-President Joseph Biden, announced a request for authorization from the people representatives the biggest question is: How the Congress will vote and in which direction will sent US military forces or credibility in international arena? This question will get an answer sometimes after September 9th, most likely after September 11th and Al-Qaeda attacks on NYC anniversary, and will be game of high profile names in the well known arena on the Capitol Hill. Continue reading

Obama to seek congressional authorization on Syria

US President Barack Obama is ready to use a military force in Syria, having prepared a significant force in the region as he said ready to act as soon as he makes final decision, but that decision will be made upon debate at the Capitol Hill is concluded and Congress has its say on this matter. Obama as the Commander in Chief expressed his belief that Syrian issue is one of those threatening US national security and one of those unacceptable events in the international relations arena. Both houses of the US Congress will be back on Monday, September 9th, to discuss potential authorization to the President Obama but is unlikely that they would come early to that.  Continue reading

What should be Obama’s Syria strategy?

Barack ObamaUS and international military leaders are currently discussing options for a final showdown with Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad and his thugs. According to some media reports this operation will be underway as soon as tomorrow and will include several other countries including US key partner United Kingdom. Continue reading