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Battleground Surrey: Political will and reforms needed to fix problems

city hall

(Photo: D. Beatty)

As Surrey approaches one of the most important elections in last few decades media, commentators and general public are highly concentrated on search for a solution of numerous problems facing city’s transformation from suburban to urban. Top of the list is reserved for issues of crime, transportation and population growth which will need to be resolved sooner than later if this community wants to have quality and prosperous future. These are not new problems nor they are easily fixable problems but Surrey will need a different strategy.  Continue reading

Battleground Surrey: yahoo[.]sry oops City of Surrey (Update)

surrey website aug 2

City of Surrey election website on Aug 2, 2014

Just two weeks ago City of Surrey made crucial mistake when it comes to the election process which will mark this year in the world of municipal politics. Back then City opened sub site on their main website which is entirely devoted to upcoming elections and informations needed about it but there was a catch. Municipal administration decided to add specific section on that site where they were supposed to publish news, tweets and to cover all candidates for upcoming elections. Public outrage especially on social media went after the city asking numerous questions regarding who will serve as editor, which editorial standards will be used and how City will maintain neutrality in this case? Well looks like that City of Surrey listened public.  Continue reading

For New Canadian Media: Rasode Could Remake Surrey Race

city hallWith the Surrey mayoral elections still four months away, a new candidate from the South Asian community threatens to shake up the race in a city whose population growth is being fuelled by immigrants and new citizens.

Although Barinder Rasode has not yet announced, her candidacy is making the rounds, with observers speculating that name recognition and her independent streak might give her a good shot to replace Mayor Dianne Watts on Nov. 15. While Watts is not running, she has backed Councillor Linda Hepner of the Surrey First Coalition. Former Mayor Doug McCallum and an independent, Vikram Bajwa, are the other two declared candidates.

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Battleground Surrey: History will be made with Rasode in race for Surrey Mayor

barinde rasodeSurrey political scene is already more heated then it is weather outside and across this great nation. Reason is of course that this year will make or break great vision in creation of metropolis of once the largest suburb in the Western Canada. These municipal elections will be historic in many ways and few of them will be explained later. At this point only three candidates  declared their intention to run, but one name is expected and wished to be seen among them. That is name of independent Surrey Councillor Barinder Rasode. 

If Rasode enters the race situation would be dramatically changed and the course of future of this city will be decided, either with or without her winning a race, but her voice will be highly important and valued. She will find herself faced with many struggles, obstacles and problems which will require solution if she wants to lead this city over the next term. Election campaign of 2014 will be of especially significance for Barinder Rasode because she will be first South Asian women with fair chances to become a mayor of a North American city in the history.  Continue reading

Battleground Surrey: Candidates and (Social) Media

(Photo: Flickr)

(Photo: Flickr)

Many politicians and parliamentary bodies, including municipal Councils, are or will take a break over the next month and half to charge their batteries and to be ready to come back to work in full force in early September. Despite their hard work over the past few months some of those will be required to work even harder than before because this is election year. Municipal elections are coming soon, numerous candidates already announced their intentions to seek support and your vote, some are still waiting to announce. No matter what they will be faced with the media and there we’re coming to highly important situation, which is how they communicate with media and public, how that will effect their run and final result later this year? I’ll try to answer of some of these questions based on current situation in Surrey, BC and candidates behaviour over the last few weeks.

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Battleground Surrey: yahoo.sry oops City of Surrey

surrey elections siteOn Tuesday City of Surrey, one of the largest municipalities in this part of Canada, decided to become media outlet. Apparently City of Surrey or someone in communications department decided that City of Surrey as municipal administration should start it’s own media platform and inform potential voters about all important elements of election process including news, tweets and link to those. This is first time in over a decade, two continents, several election cycles and work with several municipalities/councils that I saw something like this. This is absolute disaster, disgrace and wondering out of your real purpose and I’ll explain why in words that follow.  Continue reading