[VIDEO] Hundreds Congregate for First SheTalks Conference

Over 500 people showed up in Surrey last weekend for the first ever all women SheTalks YVR conference held in Surrey, BC.

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Battleground Surrey: “Concerned citizens” and candidates went back to silence and anonymity

city hallDuring last year election campaign numerous candidates for Mayor and for Council stepped up to expressed their care and concern about Surrey future. That care and concerned lasted shorter than political campaign fought at the end of November. Today some two months after election waste majority of those who fought for the place at the City Hall is back to silence and anonymity. Many of the would probably come back in four years to tell to community how much and how deeply they care for it. Being concerned and outspoken fighter for a community can not be part-time role, it must be full-time role 365 days a year with or without position at the City Hall.
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Battleground Surrey: End of an era – Goodbye to Watts and Rasode

City of Surrey will have a chance to say final goodbye to outgoing long term Mayor Dianne Watts and Councillor Barinder Rasode who will not be part of local government in the next term. Monday meeting will be last meeting of this municipal government term and will mark end of an era for long-term Mayor Dianne Watts. Continue reading


20141023_205545Municipal elections in Surrey are just few weeks away and candidates for Mayor of City of Surrey and City Council are finally starting coming together to discuss all important issues and resolution of same. On Thursday SFU Surrey and Downtown Surrey BIA organized first, of many to come, all candidates meeting for mayoral hopefuls.

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Battleground Surrey: First debate is coming, Mayoral face-off on October 23

(Photo: Flickr)

(Photo: Flickr)

Surrey mayoral candidates so far exchanged opinions and discussed their respective agendas through the media and social media, but it is that time of campaign when they will start coming together to discuss all important issues. Series of debates will give us much better insight in their respective ideas about Surrey and will open doors for new discussions. Also will give a community chance to ask questions and get answers without waiting or delays to be deiced if that is “suitable” or “unacceptable” question. Continue reading

Battleground Surrey: McCallum and Rasode focused on campaign, Hepner can’t get away from scandals

city hallSurrey municipal election campaign did not even started properly and public already has a pretty clear picture of players who will ask them for their votes next month. Number of mayoral candidates over the last few days grow to six, while final number of council candidates remains to be seen after nominations deadline is reach tomorrow. Clear picture is that three mayoral candidates will have enough chances to win this race and already there is clear cut between them. Doug McCallum and Barinder Rasode are for the moment free of big scandals and they are mainly focused on their campaign promises, while third mayoral candidate Linda Hepner and her team are going from scandal to scandal leaving people less time to talk their platform promises. Continue reading