Why Barack Obama got second chance?

One of the biggest questions following Barack Obama's victory over Mitt Romney on Tuesday night is why Obama got second chance/four more years in White House? Many would say because of this or that, and many will come with partisan answers theories or like that happen on Fox News Channel with some unbelievable explanations why numbers don't up or who won or not. On the other side you'll find people like Donald Trump who issued revolutionary calls to US public based on final election results or President himself as the owner of most RT'ed tweet in the history of this social network. Answer on this question is multilayered, complex and controversial but here are some of my thoughts on that.

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Russia: Opposition on streets, administration out of touch with reality

SURREY – In Moscow in this time of the year winter is the strongest enemy of the citizens with temperatures way below -15C, but this winter Celsius minuses are not the biggest problem. Workers, professionals, intellectuals and businessmen’s supported by Russian Orthodox Church clergy are on the streets fighting against semi-czarist regime lead by Vladimir Putin and his puppet Dmitry Medvedev. Following recent parliamentary elections opposition and their supporters come out asking for more democracy and fairness in election processes, but United Russia’s leader Putin doesn’t care about their wishes. As time is passing by and elections date is coming close Putin’s regime is starting to lose grip on power causing more damage to themselves than to opposition movement which is defiant to stay at the streets to the end.  Continue reading