Daniel Serwer u BV-u: Dodik nije Vučićev, a ni američki čovjek. Ovo nije najveća kriza u BiH.


Bosnian Council of Ministers is finally formed

In a surprise move, just three months after elections, in a stark difference with previous time Bosnian political leaders achieved a coalition agreement and distributed seats in federal Council of Ministers. This is second to last step left to be done in implementation of election results at the federal governmental level. Remaining step is to select party representatives whom will become ministers and to get Parliament to vote on those names. Formation of Council of Ministers comes just 24 hrs prior to Federica Mogherini, EU foreign minister, to Sarajevo in effort to speed up process which will open EU doors to Bosnia.

(Photo: Radiosarajevo.ba)

(Photo: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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Death of the Social Democratic Party of Bosnia

The Social Democratic Party of Bosnia is officially dead. Death sentence was deliberated, sealed and delivered by its own members on early Sunday morning following lengthy party elections on Third Extraordinary Congress held in Sarajevo. Bosnia’s SDP suffered biggest defeat in modern history on November general elections which decimated at that moment leading national party to overall fifth position in Bosnian world of politics. Members, sympathizers and general public favorable of civic and social democratic idea asked party to start process of reforms but as of Sunday that process will not happen. Continue reading

EKSKLUZIVNO: Akademik Slavo Kukić: Za pomak naprijed potreban je pritisak izvana

slavo kukicPredizborna kampanja u BiH odavno je započela, zvanična kampanja počinje uskoro, a bh. javnost već ima dovoljno materijala da donese prve sudove o onima koji traže njihovu podršku. Tim povodom smo razgovarali s jednim od najcjenjenijih akademskih radnika i političkih analitičara u Bosni i Hercegovini akademikom Slavom Kukićem. U ekskluzivnom predizbornom intervju za From Bosnia To Canada akademik Kukić analizira prve medijske istupe kandidata za Predsjedništvo BiH, kandidate s najviše šansi da postanu članovi Predsjedništva (bošnjačkih i hrvatskih), biračku apatiju te kako se osjeća nakon nedavnog brutalnog napada u Mostaru. 
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Baroness Helić: First ever Bosnian born peer

helic jolie hagueHistory is made this week when Arminka Helić, Bosnian born, special adviser to former Foreign Affairs Minister of United Kingdom William J. Hague become first ever Bosnian born peer and Baroness based on recommendation from Prime Minister Cameron. Baroness Helić is one of seven females who were sent to the House of Lords out total 12 new peers.  Continue reading

Kahuna’s White Rock to donate to #BalkanFloodRelief on June 1st!

Kahuna’s Fish and Chips on East Beach (15519 Marine Drive, White Rock, BC) will join thousands across the world to help and donate to #BalkanFloodRelief through Red Cross Canada. On June 1st, 2014 Kahuna’s will donate 15% of sales towards #BalkanFloodRelief, please come, eat, drink craft beer on tap and donate to help people of Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia who are victims of a historic floods over the last 120 years! Up to this moment more than 20 people are confirmed dead, more than a half a million people are homeless and more than a million are displaced. According to authorities in all three countries more than 2000 landslides are active and many would need immediate help for months following this disaster.


FACE nad poplavljenom Bosnom / FACE over flooded Bosnia

Videoreporter FACE TV Kenan Musić pratio je pripadnike OS BiH tokom akcija spašavanja i dostavljanja pomoći ugroženima u poplavljenim područjima BiH. Ovo su samo neke od snimaka koje su napravljene tokom dana provedenog s pripadnicima OS BiH.

FACE TV video reporter Kenan Musić was accompanied by members of the Armed Forces of BiH during the rescue operation and the delivery of aid disadvantaged in flooded areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina. These are just some of the recordings that were made during the day with members of the Armed Forces of BiH.