Historic deal between Belgrade and Pristina key Balkans event of 2013

Serbia and Kosovo PM's with EU Commissioner Baroness Ashton

Serbia and Kosovo PM’s with EU Foreign Affairs Chief Baroness Ashton

One of the most important political events in Balkans this past year was Serbia and Kosovo tentative deal to normalise relations. In late April and with help and sponsorship from EU Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton both agree not to block each other’s bids to join international organisations. Belgrade-Pristina agreement is crucial historical moment through which both sides are showing willingness to resolve remaining issues through diplomacy and talks. Last time open issues were resolved through military action. In 1999 Serbia’s leader was Slobodan Milošević former boss to today’s PM Dačić, and Kosovo’s PM Thaci was commander of Kosovo Liberation Army.  Continue reading


New message to Bosnian ‘leaders” – Füle and Jagland on Sejdić-Finci judgment

Dervo-Sejdic-Jakob-FinciBosnia and Herzegovina politicians practically decided to stop country’s further advance towards European Union when missed to address very important Human Rights issue. Sejdić-Finci case which was determined by the European Court for Human Rights requires Bosnia and Herzegovina to amend current constitution and election laws to allow Jewish, Roma and other minorities to be nominated and elected to the highest offices in the country. Continue reading

Top EU-US diplomats are coming to Balkans

Ashton and Clinton will visit Balkans

Over the next few days US Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton and her EU counterpart Catherine Ashton will visit several Balkans countries to discuss their Euro-Atlantic aspirations, to support their bilateral cooperation but also to ask them to do more in effort to resolve remaining issues. This visit will come just a week after UK Foreign Affair Minister William J. Hague visited same region and met face to face with leading politicians and delivered a messages from Cameron administration. As it was said in State Department statement few days ago Clinton’s visit is directed “to demonstrate the enduring US interest, commitment and support for (the Balkans’) future in the European and Euro-Atlantic community”. This is just a second visit to the region by US top diplomat during Obama’s term in the White House, and that shows how much importance Balkans has at this moment to the President and the administration. For the better part of the last four years Balkans region was held down on the level of Special Assistant to Deputy Secretary of the State or in rare cases Deputy Secretary of the state. That’s not only a case with Balkans region but Europe as whole because as we saw in the third and final presidential debate just few days ago none of the candidates didn’t mention Europe as important part of their foreign policy.  Continue reading

First Euro crisis now diplomatic crisis – 12 EU members against Catherine Ashton

SURREY – While on a one side EU leaders are trying to contain damages caused by global economic crisis and to fix numerous problems regarding euro zone facing itself with possible dissolution and global crush problems are continuing to pile up. According to reports filed by The Daily Telegraph journalists in Brussels 12 EU member states including Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Sweden are extremely unsatisfied with EEAS (European External Action Service). As it is known EEAS is EU joint diplomatic services lead by British Baroness Catherine Ashton as EU Foreign Affair Minister. This is not a the first time that EU member states are unsatisfied with Ashton’s performance as Foreign Minister, but timing of this letter is significant because it comes in a days before EEAS second anniversary. EEAS is also formal diplomatic representation of EU positions and policies at the 130 delegations and embassies all over the world. Continue reading

Another European failure in Bosnia

Once more in last few years since she become European foreign minister and head of European diplomatic service lady Catherine Ashton proved she a wrong person on wrong place in wrong times. Bosnia and Herzegovina is six months without functional executive and legislative power since three major political and ethnic blocks fail to meat and agreement on coalition government. This failure was caused by short sided politicians who only care about their positions and positions of their closest aides without thinking about people and their needs, as it was in the past in numerous occasions.

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