Daniel Serwer u BV-u: Dodik nije Vučićev, a ni američki čovjek. Ovo nije najveća kriza u BiH.


Bosnians have to finish the job, not the Americans or the European Union

If you want to get unbiased, sincere and factual information regarding current state of Bosnia and Herzegovina followed by one of the best predictions about Bosnian future you should look for The Johns Hopkins professor Daniel Serwer. I don’t think that there’s any other intentional scholar who knows more about Bosnia and Herzegovina at the moment, sometimes his statements are judged as controversial, biased or just as empty words said by some scholar from the United States, but in reality professor Serwer is real encyclopedia of current and past Bosnian situation. In his latest interview to Srajevo FaceTV and my colleague Senad Hadzifejzovic, Serwer said that Bosnian situation today is way better than it was twenty years ago when war started, he also add that current constitutional frame will and is preventing Bosnia to advance to the next level of European integrations. Continue reading