Battleground Surrey: Tax hike heat wave is coming

Calculating Taxes Up And DownTax hike brought in by newly elected Council at the end of the last year and just days following municipal elections in Surrey started having effect. Public often hears that approximately 1200 people are coming in Surrey every month in search for more affordable and more accessible housing or better living standards. As a result of recent tax hike that number over the next year and this municipal government term could go down, those who came to find better easily will find themselves in struggle to keep their heads above a water.   Continue reading


BC Premier expects better jobs situation in municipal election year

Premier ClarkBC Premier, self-proclaimed champion of families, jobs and economy Christy Clark in her year end interview few days ago acknowledged that her key jobs plan is on slow pace and expressed expectation that jobs creation will pick up next year. While she traveled around Asia on trade mission over the last few weeks, avoiding her job at the Legislature, new numbers showed BC’s failure in two key areas of her two last campaigns. One is status of BC families, especially children, with highest ever child poverty rate currently leading in Canada. Second is as she said “slow pace” jobs creation trend which didn’t delivered even close to what she wanted to be. Continue reading

Balkan – Turkey trilateral on hold due to Erdogan statements in Kosovo

trilateralaSerbian President Tomislav Nikolić decided to freeze his attendance on trilateral meetings between Serbia, Bosnia and Turkey. Main reason for his decision not to attend any future meetings between leaders of three countries is Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during his recent visit to the city of Prizren in Kosovo. According to media reports PM Erdogan said “Kosovo is Turkey, Turkey is Kosovo”.  Continue reading

Hank Paulson says Congress will rise debt ceiling

Hank Paulson (Photo: Flickr)

Hank Paulson (Photo: Flickr)

Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, well known as person who doesn’t often speaks to media, gave a several interviews over the last few days. Paulson wishes that he has today’s regulatory tools adding, what signifies that he was not unable to do more while he was at the head of Treasury.

What I found interesting is Paulson’s confidence that US Congress would rise the debt ceiling beside current GOP refusal to do so. It might look that Paulson has either insider informations or he just believes that GOP would not be able to refuse to compile with President Obama ideas. Continue reading

Germans to decide: Merkel or Steinbrück

David Cameron and Angela Merkel (Photo: Flickr)

David Cameron and Angela Merkel (Photo: Flickr)

Next month German voters will need to make one of the crucial decisions for their future. But, not only about their own future, some 400 million people inside the European Union and countless more all over the world will need to learn how to live with it over the next four years. Incumbent Chancellor Angela Merkel is poised to win another term at the helm of the country which steers Europe and the world over the last few decades, especially over the last few years since worldwide recession started and destructed many economies. Continue reading

Cabinet shuffle with generational transition and new faces

harperPrime Minister Stephen Harper decided to start this week with a major Cabinet shuffle, biggest since he become PM in 2006, bringing eight new faces to the table. Reshuffled cabinet will have largest number of women ever, 12 in total, which shows that Harper wants to paint different picture about his team in the remaining two years of this term. While key players Clement, Flaherty, Baird and the House Leader Van Loan will remain in their position Harper promoted several ministers to show where his government will go in the future. This shuffle is branded as generational transition which brings in several new members, younger politicians, those who should lead party and the government in the next term.  Continue reading

EU: Collector of bad and worse, now adding Croatia

Josipovic and Van Rompuy

Josipovic and Van Rompuy

On Monday, when Canadians will celebrate another Confederation birthday, largest European political, economical and population Union will officially welcome another 28th member. Slovenia as first of the ex-Yugoslavian countries will be joined by Croatia in the exclusive European club as full member with all rights and responsibilities. In days when Croatia is celebrating success, after a decade of negotiations with EU, another Balkans country got a green light to start accession talks, and its first neighbor got a yellow light to get ready for same. Serbia will start their negotiations process sometimes in January of 2014, Kosovo will follow upon fulfilling first round of requirements for the accession negotiations. Continue reading