sir Ivor Roberts: RS se ne može odcijepiti od BiH, ne obnavljate tužbu protiv Srbije


Historic deal between Belgrade and Pristina key Balkans event of 2013

Serbia and Kosovo PM's with EU Commissioner Baroness Ashton

Serbia and Kosovo PM’s with EU Foreign Affairs Chief Baroness Ashton

One of the most important political events in Balkans this past year was Serbia and Kosovo tentative deal to normalise relations. In late April and with help and sponsorship from EU Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton both agree not to block each other’s bids to join international organisations. Belgrade-Pristina agreement is crucial historical moment through which both sides are showing willingness to resolve remaining issues through diplomacy and talks. Last time open issues were resolved through military action. In 1999 Serbia’s leader was Slobodan Milošević former boss to today’s PM Dačić, and Kosovo’s PM Thaci was commander of Kosovo Liberation Army.  Continue reading

Bosnia lost 45 million Euros from IPA funds – Funding transfered to Kosovo

eurosBosnia and Herzegovina failed to secure implement Sejdić-Finci ruling, human rights and electoral rights decision by the European Human Rights Court, and lost 45 million Euros in IPA funds. European Union deicide to slash funds for Bosnia and to transfer remaining part to Kosovo which will be used in infrastructure and development programs. Part of funds will be redirected to other parts of the region for housing projects.  Continue reading

Serbia and Kosovo will recognize each other, PM Thaci

Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci

Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hashim Thaci believes that sometimes in future Kosovo and Serbia will recognize each other and will be able to continue their integration to EU and NATO. In his interview to Bosnian national TV and Interview 20 show PM Thaci said recognition will come as natural move once when relations are stabilized and set in proper framework which is now negotiated will Belgrade. He is a optimist that final status agreement and stabilization will be reached in the future despite opposition on both sides. Kosovo leader also said that Serbian politicians and officials are welcome to visit Kosovo but they’ll need to respect its independence and abstain from any interfering in any domestic issues. Continue reading

Kosovo elections: Good for Pristina, bad for Serbs on North

Krstimir Pantić (Photo: Screenshot)

Krstimir Pantić (Photo: Screenshot)

Kosovo Municipal elections, first ever held on its entire territory since its independence from Serbia and Brussels agreement, had been almost very good for the government in Pristina but very bad for Serbian population at the Kosovo north. Central Election Commission reported in early Monday hours that just above 47% eligible voters exercised their rights, these doesn’t include numbers from the North were election process was abruptly stopped following brutal incidents. Continue reading

Balkan – Turkey trilateral on hold due to Erdogan statements in Kosovo

trilateralaSerbian President Tomislav Nikolić decided to freeze his attendance on trilateral meetings between Serbia, Bosnia and Turkey. Main reason for his decision not to attend any future meetings between leaders of three countries is Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during his recent visit to the city of Prizren in Kosovo. According to media reports PM Erdogan said “Kosovo is Turkey, Turkey is Kosovo”.  Continue reading

Dačić odbio govoriti o konačnom rješenju za Kosovo

dacicKosovosko konačno pitanje, ma kako to zlokobno zvučalo i podsjećalo na događaje iz II Svjetskog rata, je jedno od neriješenih pitanja koja drže Jugoistočnu Evropu zarobljenu u zadnjim decenijama XX vijeka. U proteklih nekoliko godina Vlada Srbije pod vođstvom Ivice Dačića i Aleksandra Vučića postigla je značajne rezultate na rješavanju ovog pitanja. Premijer i ministar unutrašnjih poslova Ivica Dačić je u ekskluzivnom intervjuu za BHRT, Interview 20, koji je vodila Sanela Prašović Gadžo govorio upravo o problemu Kosova te kako doći do rješenja drugih nagomilanih problema sa susjedima.  Continue reading