Putin continues fight against the West and the rest

Vladimir Putin, supreme Russian leader (Photo: Flickr)

Vladimir Putin, supreme Russian leader (Photo: Flickr)

In her last year book on Russian President Vladimir Putin, journalist Masha Gessen, wrote an exceptional description of this former KGB agent turned supreme leader of the Russian Federation over the last almost 15 years. She writes:

“Putin loved the Soviet Union, and he loved its KGB, and when he had power of his own, effectively running the financial system of the country’s second-largest city, he wanted to build a system just like them. It would be a closed system built on total control – especially control over the flow of information and the flow of money.” 

Clinton at the exit doors, who’s coming in? Rice, Kerry, Huntsman,…?

Just a moments after Barack Obama finished his victory speech and moved to the backstage to celebrate with closest team media attention was shifted towards other important issues and one of them is Hillary Clinton successor at the State Department. For months Secretary Clinton at home and during her travels around the world and talks about intention to step down as soon as her successor is confirmed by US Senate. Since then she did a whole range of world wide visits sending conciliatory messages, also sending some kind of farewell messages at the end of long term career in which she occupied some of the most important state and federal positions. While I’m inclined to be suspicious about her intentions not to continue working at the State Department, due to her previous flip-flops on possible runs and early retirements, here are few of my thoughts on possible candidates to replace her. Continue reading

Obama won this battle, but will Romney win the war? (with Video)

Romney and Obama during final debate

According to majority of polls just after the Presidential debate Barack Obama won this battle and showed that he has a bit bigger knowledge and better facts than his challenger. But on the other side Romney come out with well known facts about economy and deficit through which he was able to score few valuable points ahead of last 15 campaign days. None of the score enough points to steer this race to one or other direction nor to able to claim victory before late night on November 6th.

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My take on VP Debate: Biden vs. Ryan, strong stands but no decisive winner

Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan (Screenshot: YouTube)

What we saw in tonight’s Vice-Presidential debate between incumbent VP Joe Biden and his rival GOP Candidate Paul Ryan was showdown of two politicians strong in their devotions and believers in what their political parties are taking as integral policies. As it was expected this debate was totally different than last week debate between presidential candidates Obama and Romney. I want to be clear and say that my view of this debate is that there was no decisive winner, both candidates did an excellent job in sticking with their believes, campaign promises and earlier presented stands but in some areas Joe Biden score more points than Paul Ryan. Prior to their face-to-face meeting I tweeted and repeated in conversations with my friends that there’s no chance that Paul Ryan can be better than Joe Biden when it comes to foreign politics. Biden sit on US Senate for majority of Ryan’s lifetime and for a long period of time he was chairman of Senate Committee on Foreign Relations which is one of the most influential parliamentary committees in the world when it comes to foreign policy.  Continue reading

Positive news and data about Canadian economy, banking and immigration systems

In a times of despair and bad economics news all over the world many commentators and analysts are coming out to praise Canadian system, values and successfulness in preservation of positive status while everybody is nosediving towards red. Recent Environics Analytics WealthScapes data published in The Globe and Mail but also mentioned in Stephen Marche column in Bloomberg View Canadian households are for the first time richer than US. According to Environics data net worth of the average Canadian household in 2011 was #363.202, while the average US household’s net worth was $42.232 less ($319.970). To gave another boost to these facts in a matter of days come news that Canadian unemployment rate fell down to 7.2 percent, while US rate was stagnant 8.2 percent without signs of significant fall over the next weeks or months. Commenting these in his column, Marche, writes: Continue reading

In 2011 worldwide 78 journalists killed, 179 jailed – CPJ reports

SURREY – Committee To Protect Journalists, renewed independent and non-governmental organization devoted to promotion press freedom worldwide by defending the rights of journalists to report the news without fear of reprisal, issued recent two important annual reports. According to CPJ’s report on journalist imprisonment in 2011 number of those put behind bars jumped worldwide and Iran is leader, while Pakistan is a worldwide deadliest nation.  Continue reading