Surrey’s inability to fight crime is appalling

Crime-SceneSURREY/SARAJEVO – Surrey has probably one of the worst crime stats and periods in Canada, with great potential to become permanent crime capital of Canada. Current city administration has managed to made no significant nor real effort to tackle problem in front of them. Their inability to comprehensively deal with it made complete situation much worse than it was suppose to be. Empty promises and invested time in wrong actions proved them absolutely unworthy of support which they received on elections in 2014. Continue reading


Battleground Surrey: Another PR Fail by Mayor Hepner, Lesson from Mayor Jackson

Municipal elections last year were a chance for Surrey to move away from it’s already established history as one of the least secure cities in the province of British Columbia. Unfortunately that chance was greatly missed by municipal administration which was elected by wide majority. As it was already said here Surrey today has it’s own version of Stephen Harper, closed and silent leader, in face of Mayor of Surrey Linda Hepner.

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Battleground Surrey: Harper’s strategy, Surrey execution

Canadian Prime Minister is often described as one of the most secretive, close and media unfriendly politicians at the moment. Prime Minister rarely answers questions from media and even when he does that process is tightly controlled and aimed to help him promote his agenda. Several journalists over the years tried to provoke PM Harper or ask him though questions, majority would remember his clashes with veteran CBC reporter Terry Milewski. Now Surrey has its own version of Stephen Harper in face of newly elected Mayor of Surrey Linda Hepner and her arch nemesis CTV's Lisa Rossington. Lastest example of Harper's strategy and Surrey execution came on Wednesday when Mayor Hepner once again refused to speak to media regarding important issues.

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Battleground Surrey: Mayor is silent on teenagers murders, City staff running bad PR strategy

Last year was mother Julie Paskall, this year are three teenagers in eight days. This is probably the worst Christmas season in last decade if not in entire history of Surrey. Surrey which brands itself as a city in which future lives apparently started loosing its future in the most horrible way, future is murdered in early ages. Mayor Linda Hepner is missing from public and silent, Officer in Charge of Surrey RCMP detachment largest in Canada is also missing, City of Surrey/Mayor staff is running one of the worst PR strategies ever. Another Annus horribilis for Surrey… Continue reading

Battleground Surrey: Holy Scripture Fraser Institute and Tax Rates

Over the next five years Surrey residents will need to learn to live and grow their families in accordance with new tax rates and a new Council. Council which cares more about Museum expansion than about residents concerns regarding increased taxes, RCMP members who are making fun of residents with medical conditions. Also they will need to learn to accept that there is only one truth and that is one coming from the bench and the Fraser Institute. Continue reading

Battleground Surrey: End of an era – Goodbye to Watts and Rasode

City of Surrey will have a chance to say final goodbye to outgoing long term Mayor Dianne Watts and Councillor Barinder Rasode who will not be part of local government in the next term. Monday meeting will be last meeting of this municipal government term and will mark end of an era for long-term Mayor Dianne Watts. Continue reading