Damir Mašić u BV-u: Ne znam zašto ovo Ivanić radi, federalna koalicija neće dočekati kraj 2017.


RIP David Carr (1958-2015)

David CarrFrom The New York Times

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David Carr, a writer who wriggled away from the demon of drug addiction to become a name-brand media columnist at The New York Times, and the star of “Page One,” a documentary about the newspaper, died on Thursday in Manhattan. He was 58. Continue reading

Battleground Surrey: Mayor is silent on teenagers murders, City staff running bad PR strategy

Last year was mother Julie Paskall, this year are three teenagers in eight days. This is probably the worst Christmas season in last decade if not in entire history of Surrey. Surrey which brands itself as a city in which future lives apparently started loosing its future in the most horrible way, future is murdered in early ages. Mayor Linda Hepner is missing from public and silent, Officer in Charge of Surrey RCMP detachment largest in Canada is also missing, City of Surrey/Mayor staff is running one of the worst PR strategies ever. Another Annus horribilis for Surrey… Continue reading

Battleground Surrey: yahoo.sry oops City of Surrey

surrey elections siteOn Tuesday City of Surrey, one of the largest municipalities in this part of Canada, decided to become media outlet. Apparently City of Surrey or someone in communications department decided that City of Surrey as municipal administration should start it’s own media platform and inform potential voters about all important elements of election process including news, tweets and link to those. This is first time in over a decade, two continents, several election cycles and work with several municipalities/councils that I saw something like this. This is absolute disaster, disgrace and wondering out of your real purpose and I’ll explain why in words that follow.  Continue reading

Battleground Surrey: Suicide by Hepner Campaign – Done and over!

Linda Hepner glassesElection campaigns are the most stressful and most important moments in the life of any politician. Those few month every few years can elevate you to the next phase of your career or destroy you forever. Whatever is going in your life at that time you need particular profession, journalists, to enable you to reach your goal. Their work will give you either positive or absolutely negative picture in public and your chances will be that much better or worse on voting day. You might like or dislike them but there’s one rule: never lie on journalists. Especially don’t do it in today’s world of modern technology where every word, sound, picture or movie is preserved, protected and archived for the future. Or let me put it like this, as I usually say: Politicians are they’re own worst enemies and they often use boomerang to hit their own noses. Surrey mayoral candidate Linda Hepner and her campaign team did particularly that. It is a time to leave political scene! Continue reading

Erdogan in fight against social media and media in general

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip ErdoganTurkish Prime Minister R. T. Erdogan is one of the longest serving political leaders in Euro-Asian part of the world, someone who successfully survived economic crisis, political plots and opposition games against his regime. Beside the fact that since he took power in Turkey many positive things, especially when it comes to state economy and political influence in the region (not often in right direction) Erdogan has problems with other issues. Continue reading