Edward Lucas u BV-u: Rusija će raditi na destabilizaciji Balkana, imate pravo biti zabrinuti


Maclean’s debate: No winner!

four leaders macleans debateSARAJEVO/SURREY – Canadian political leaders had their first chance to get together and to exchange their views on current Canadian situation ahead of October elections. What we saw was not especially interesting nor anything already unseen when it comes to Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, Elizabeth May and Thomas Mulciar. Lot of a same, but a few elements have raised as interesting and worthy of a mention. But a general judgment of this debate is that none of present four leaders had been able to pull ahead and win this debate. Continue reading

Hrvatska predsjednica još ni lente nema, a već probleme stvara

kolinda grabar kitarovic 1Netom izabrana hrvatska predsjednica Kolinda Grabar Kitarović uspjela je u samo nekoliko dana, mnogo prije nego li je i zvanično postala predsjednica, izazvati više skandala nego li Ivo Josipović za cijelog mandata. Grabar Kitarović, koju simpatizeri opisuju kao vrsnu diplomatkinju i političarku, pokazala je da je veoma daleko i od političarke, a i od diplomate. U seriji izjava koje su sve samo ne nesmotrene Grabar Kitarović je uspjela izazvati negodovanje srpske nacionalne manjine u Hrvatskoj, podići cijelu uzbunu u BiH zbog trećeg entiteta te zaoštriti odnose sa Srbijom bez ikakva razloga. Continue reading

Serbia and Kosovo will recognize each other, PM Thaci

Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci

Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hashim Thaci believes that sometimes in future Kosovo and Serbia will recognize each other and will be able to continue their integration to EU and NATO. In his interview to Bosnian national TV and Interview 20 show PM Thaci said recognition will come as natural move once when relations are stabilized and set in proper framework which is now negotiated will Belgrade. He is a optimist that final status agreement and stabilization will be reached in the future despite opposition on both sides. Kosovo leader also said that Serbian politicians and officials are welcome to visit Kosovo but they’ll need to respect its independence and abstain from any interfering in any domestic issues. Continue reading

What should be Obama’s Syria strategy?

Barack ObamaUS and international military leaders are currently discussing options for a final showdown with Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad and his thugs. According to some media reports this operation will be underway as soon as tomorrow and will include several other countries including US key partner United Kingdom. Continue reading

Kosovo, Ignatieff and Canada

Enver Hoxhaj (Photo: Flickr)

Two years ago Michael Ignatieff was written off by Canadian voters after Stephen Harper Conservatives branded him as a “just visiting” dilettante. Not long after that Ignatieff resigned Liberal Party leadership and left a world of politics to return to his old passion of academia where he successfully operated for several decades. Since then Canadian public didn’t heard much from Prof. Ignatieff, but his international stature brought him praise from Kosovo’s Foreign Affair Minister Enver Hoxhaj during recent visit to Ottawa and meeting with John Baird one of Ignatieff biggest political foes ever.  Continue reading