Mujanović: Slažem se s Ivanićem neće biti rata. Sankcije treba uvesti i Čoviću i Izetbegoviću.


Maclean’s debate: No winner!

four leaders macleans debateSARAJEVO/SURREY – Canadian political leaders had their first chance to get together and to exchange their views on current Canadian situation ahead of October elections. What we saw was not especially interesting nor anything already unseen when it comes to Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, Elizabeth May and Thomas Mulciar. Lot of a same, but a few elements have raised as interesting and worthy of a mention. But a general judgment of this debate is that none of present four leaders had been able to pull ahead and win this debate. Continue reading

Surrey’s inability to fight crime is appalling

Crime-SceneSURREY/SARAJEVO – Surrey has probably one of the worst crime stats and periods in Canada, with great potential to become permanent crime capital of Canada. Current city administration has managed to made no significant nor real effort to tackle problem in front of them. Their inability to comprehensively deal with it made complete situation much worse than it was suppose to be. Empty promises and invested time in wrong actions proved them absolutely unworthy of support which they received on elections in 2014. Continue reading

Battleground Surrey: Another PR Fail by Mayor Hepner, Lesson from Mayor Jackson

Municipal elections last year were a chance for Surrey to move away from it’s already established history as one of the least secure cities in the province of British Columbia. Unfortunately that chance was greatly missed by municipal administration which was elected by wide majority. As it was already said here Surrey today has it’s own version of Stephen Harper, closed and silent leader, in face of Mayor of Surrey Linda Hepner.

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Bosnia to get a new chance on the road to EU membership

European Commission Vice-President and the High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini will recommend to the Council of Foreign Affairs Ministers of EU to reopen the SAA (Stabilization and Association Agreement) process with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia and Herzegovina signed the SAA with EU several years ago but due to political deadlock and political unwillingness in Sarajevo was stalled and completely stopped by EU.

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Shootings and referendum…

Surrey RCMP reported on Wednesday fourth shooting in just 24 hours, all four connected and happened in one of the most mentioned areas in the city – Newton. Community spent countless hours, days and months warning that substantial and concrete action should be taken in effort to change overall crime situation in Surrey, but during a last elections campaign municipal politicians told voters that Surrey doesn’t have crime problems.

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