Edward Lucas u BV-u: Rusija će raditi na destabilizaciji Balkana, imate pravo biti zabrinuti


Energy politics: Petronas slowing down in BC, Biden urges Croatia to acts on LNG

Geopolitical fight over energy and security of energy supplies is in full force. All over the world small or big battles are fought at this moment. Europe is on mission to find alternative source of natural gas supplies, Russia is pulling out of South Stream gas pipeline project, Petronas is slowing down on LNG project in Canada’s British Columbia, and US Vice-President urges Croatia to jump in and build LNG terminal on island of Krk. Continue reading

Poland starts Europe’s independence from Russia?

Donald Tusk

Donald Tusk, Premier Minister of Poland (Photo: Flickr)

Since war in Ukraine started European Union member states are looking how to bypass Russia and need to rely on them for gas supplies, but many countries in Russia closest neighbourhood are looking for new ways to open travel path towards the rest of the world to avoid going over Russian territory. Poland could be first of former Russia’s allies, now EU member, with significantly powerful idea to get itself out of Russia’s reach and make it’s own situation much easier. Donald Tusk, Poland’s PM, approved late last week project which has aim to build new a new canal which will bypass Russia’s territorial waters and will open new link to Baltic Sea.  Continue reading

EU Council signs Provisional Agreement with Ukraine, Putin annexation of Crimea

yatsenyuk rompuyFirst part of the agreement which started last phase of Ukrainian revolution and caused Crimean crisis was signed on Friday in Brussels between European Union and Provisional Government of Ukraine. Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign two part agreement and decided to side with Moscow cost hundreds of Ukrainians lives, thousands others were either injured or displaced now since Russia took over Crimea. The EU and its Member States are committed to signed remainder of the Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area later. Sides will start political dialogue in April EU Council stated. Continue reading

Canada is on the right side of history, Ukrainian side

Yulia Tymoshenko and John Baird (Photo: Flickr)

Yulia Tymoshenko and John Baird (Photo: Flickr)

Recent history shows that Canadian diplomacy and foreign policy often haven’t been on the right side of history, especially since Stephen Harper become a Prime Minister, much less since John Baird become his foreign affair minister. They made several mistakes in relation with MidEast, Arab Spring but surprisingly they’re not only on the right side of history in case of Ukraine’s fight for democracy, but Harper-Baird duo took leadership. Continue reading

Ukraine is at war, World is sanctioning?!

(Photo: Flickr / Christiaan Triebert)

(Photo: Flickr / Christiaan Triebert)

Not long ago I wrote here about situation in Ukraine and I asked who’s gonna win people or Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin through his thugs in Kiev. Now after days of bloodshed between police, paramilitary and protesters we can say that Yanukovych, Putin and their brutal forces are winning a battle, but not a war. This is a war, very old and very powerful model in fight against people fighting for democracy in post-Communistic countries across Europe. Continue reading

Ukraine: Who’s stronger people or Putin?

Yanukovych walk away from EU Leaders

Yanukovych walk away from EU Leaders

Since Vladimir Putin become the President of Russian Federation one trend is persistent and that is to restart SSSR power through overwhelming influence in former member states. Once that was Georgia, today that’s Ukraine, tomorrow probably it will be Serbia or some other “ally” nation. What’s happening in Ukraine today is not a first time that Putin thugs and political pressure are working against wishes of people to move forward and towards Brussels. Last time Leonid Kuchma was still a president when Putin tried to stop the nation and force his will but it failed after the Supreme Court and people opposed in their own ways.  Continue reading