Surrey’s inability to fight crime is appalling

Crime-SceneSURREY/SARAJEVO – Surrey has probably one of the worst crime stats and periods in Canada, with great potential to become permanent crime capital of Canada. Current city administration has managed to made no significant nor real effort to tackle problem in front of them. Their inability to comprehensively deal with it made complete situation much worse than it was suppose to be. Empty promises and invested time in wrong actions proved them absolutely unworthy of support which they received on elections in 2014. Continue reading


Battleground Surrey: Council might be open and transparent but apparently Mayor not so

City of Surrey Council meeting on Monday brought to us another example how this city elected officials are dealing with different issues and situations related to public safety and community relations. Towards the end of the meeting Councillor Mary Martin brought to Council attention information which she received at the Take Back Surrey Rally held on September 28th, 2014 at the Newton Seniors Centre. As per Cllr. Martin community association asked nine months ago, yes you read it properly, nine months ago for a meeting between representatives of all levels of government but it didn’t happened. 

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Battleground Surrey: Almost no police on the streets, McCallum on attack but wrong

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For the last few decades crime situation and policing in Surrey are the top issues. Issues on which resolution this community still waits and will probably wait for a significant time in the future. Whoever becomes next Mayor of Surrey this November will have very though battle ahead to reach final model for this problem. According to latest data made available on Thursday current situation is worse than we expected.

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Bulgarians vs. Government: Fight against corruption

Protests in Sofia (Photo: Flickr)

Protests in Sofia (Photo: Flickr)

For several months now every single day and night Bulgarians are protesting in front of Parliament and PM office buildings in effort to tackle one of the biggest problems  – system corruption. Two months ago Sofia citizens forced Bulgarian government to resign, to open space for new political force to come in and change something, but that didn’t happen. Current technocratic government lead by PM Oresharski continued with same old practices.  Continue reading

Online voting in BC: Good or bad idea?

Online voting: Yes or No?

BC’s Attorney General Shirley Bond asked this week Chief Electoral Officer of BC to appoint independent panel to examine the logistics of internet voting on the future municipal and provincial elections as part of the effort to engage more voters into the democratic process of election.

“Our province is widely recognized as being technologically progressive and a leader in open government initiatives. If the independent panel determines we can maintain the utmost electoral integrity, I’m optimistic Internet voting could increase accessibility for British Columbians to participate in the democratic process”, said Bond in her letter to CEO Archer.

Bond’s initiative is nothing new and it was expected bas on the turnout on last provincial elections in the 2009 but also based on low turnout on last municipal elections in November of 2011.

Only 51 per cent of eligible voters in British Columbia cast ballots in the 2009 provincial elections, and for example in Surrey which is one of the most fastest growing municipalities in the country turnout in the 2011 municipal elections was just 25 per cent. Several Canadian municipalities already embraced online voting and results are pretty satisfying, while some of them didn’t record any increase in voting percentage they didn’t record any decrease over the last few electoral terms. Supporters of online voting or e-voting  are pretty sure that this development of electoral process would bring more people on the board to vote based on elements on convenience, time, accessibility and above everything costs.  On the other side opponents are stating elements of security, unreliability and infrastructure needed for its implementation.  Continue reading

Fleetwood Town Hall: We need more security, infrastructure and better bylaw enforcement

Fleetwood Town Hall, at the front Mayor Watts and Cllr. Hunt listening citizens

SURREY – Surrey Town Hall series organized by the City of Surrey as the part of the commitment to establish better communication and cooperation with citizens visited Fleetwood as the last stage on the road. Mid sized group, 40-50 people, gathered at Surrey Sports and Leisure complex had rare but well deserved opportunity to meet and discuss current state of the community with Mayor Dianne Watts, Councillors Barinder Rasode and Marvin Hunt who were joined by Planning and Engineering GM’s, Jean Lamontagne and Vince Lalonde. It’s important to say up front that security, bylaw enforcement and clean Fleetwood were the most interesting areas of discussion on Tuesday evening. Once again this meeting as well as those before confirmed constant that our communities are totally unique micro organizations inside the City confirming differences in prioritization of problems and needs.  Continue reading

Party for the Planet Day 1: High class party at the city centre

SURREY – In a times when being green and careful about nature and environment is one of the most important topics all over the world the best efforts are those done down at the base, and that’s exactly what The City of Surrey intention is with the Party of The Planet. This annual event, organized by the City and generous sponsors, gathers every year thousands upon thousands of the citizens to the Central City area to celebrate our planet, nature and Surrey rich and diverse environment. Mixture of education, fun and music is becoming of the most important events in the city annual calendar attracting locally and globally known people wish to talk about environmental issues, but also send their own message to the masses about current status of the Planet. Friday night was devoted to musical celebration of the Planet and to be honest this was an amazing party which showed that Surrey is able to be responsible, careful and celebratory city.  Continue reading