Daniel Serwer u BV-u: Dodik nije Vučićev, a ni američki čovjek. Ovo nije najveća kriza u BiH.


Croatian President starts her term in divided coutnry and with regional problems

Croatian President and the first female in country’s modern political history starts her term in divided country and with a numerous regional problems. Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic took oath of the office on Sunday four days before official start of her five-year term. Grbar Kitarovic is fourth Croatian president since 1991. and follows Tudjman, Mesic and Josipovic. Former Croatian Foreign Minister and a assistant to the Secretary General of NATO woke up hopes of Croatian right for political comeback next year. Inauguration was attended by more than 80 different delegations, but major political names from EU or the rest of the world stayed away from Zagreb on this day. Key attendees were leaders of neighboring countries, with Serbian PM Vučić as star of the day. Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic sworn in as fourth president of Croatia Continue reading

ICJ dismisses Croatia and Serbia genocide claims

International Court of Justice rejected genocide claims by Croatia and Serbia against each other for crimes committed during a war in 1990’s. Lengthy process started by Croatia more than a decade and a half ago and alleged that Serbia and affiliated Serb forces in Croatia committed a genocide in 1991 in city of Vukovar and elswhere. Serbia later filled a counter-claim over the expulsion of more than 200,000 Serbs from Croatia during Operation “Storm” in late 1995. Each side is unsatisfied with ICJ ruling, but based on statements issued right after both government will accept it and learn how to live with it. Continue reading

Energy politics: Petronas slowing down in BC, Biden urges Croatia to acts on LNG

Geopolitical fight over energy and security of energy supplies is in full force. All over the world small or big battles are fought at this moment. Europe is on mission to find alternative source of natural gas supplies, Russia is pulling out of South Stream gas pipeline project, Petronas is slowing down on LNG project in Canada’s British Columbia, and US Vice-President urges Croatia to jump in and build LNG terminal on island of Krk. Continue reading

EU has a new strategy for Bosnia, local politicians are next to act

European Union Foreign Affairs Council endorsed at the latest meeting in Brussels new plan and approach of European Union for Bosnia. Plan which is based on initiatives of Croatia, Slovenia, United Kingdom and Germany will make Bosnia’s accession process proactive, concrete and set on proper path which would bring Bosnia to the doorsteps of full membership. EU Commission Vice-President and Foreign Affairs Representative Federica Mogherini will visit Bosnia in first week of December to have first round of talks with local leaders on this plan and new strategy. Continue reading

Serbia’s PM visited Merkel, President met Lukashenko

vucic i merkelSURREY/BELGRADE/BERLIN – Serbia is currently one of the Balkans leaders on the road to euro-atlantic integrations and reforms processes. Change of Serbia’s political mind came as a result of work started by the last government in which Socialists and Progressives worked together and moved Serbia ahead. Once it was unimaginable that Serbia would have successful negotiations with Priština and open the doors for its own and Kosovo’s accession to EU. But today we’re seeing two faces of Serbia’s political establishment. One side supports move towards EU (PM Vučić and foreign minister/fmr PM Dačić) while President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolić (fmr. leader of Serbian Progressive Party and boss to PM Vučić) still looks towards Moscow and its allies. Last week PM Vučić received dignified and state welcome in Berlin by the Chancellor Merkel, while Mr. Nikolić received last European dictator Alexander Lukashenko to a state visit. 

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