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Kerry opens MidEast Peace Process

John Kerry and Tzipi Livni

John Kerry and Tzipi Livni

Experienced foreign affair maverick and politician who learned how to tackle many serious issues over the last few decades as US Senator John Kerry finally opened doors for continuation of MidEast Peace Process between Israel and Palestine. According to latest media reports Palestinians and Israelis will finally sit and open new round of negotiations, despite world wide scepticism regarding possible deal. Peace process is stalled over the last two years due to unwillingness from both sides to reach compromise on key issues: Israeli settlements and Palestinian 1967 border requests. Continue reading

Kerry must to learn how to deal with GOP, Syria and Russia

John Kerry probably the best choice to replace ClintonAs this year is coming to it’s end and US President Barack Obama is getting ready to officially start his second term, focus is on his battle with GOP on fiscal cliff, and departure of his once upon a time biggest enemy Hillary Clinton. As she decided to retire from official politics and pursue different path in her career public is slowly getting more and more interested in her successor Sen. John Kerry. Kerry is lucky this time, more than he ever been because GOP worked for him and cleared a path to become new Secretary of State. First of all they mounted extensive media campaign in which he was proclaimed as one of the best candidates to replace Clinton, and ferociously attacked his opponent Susan Rice. Continue reading

Clinton at the exit doors, who’s coming in? Rice, Kerry, Huntsman,…?

Just a moments after Barack Obama finished his victory speech and moved to the backstage to celebrate with closest team media attention was shifted towards other important issues and one of them is Hillary Clinton successor at the State Department. For months Secretary Clinton at home and during her travels around the world and talks about intention to step down as soon as her successor is confirmed by US Senate. Since then she did a whole range of world wide visits sending conciliatory messages, also sending some kind of farewell messages at the end of long term career in which she occupied some of the most important state and federal positions. While I’m inclined to be suspicious about her intentions not to continue working at the State Department, due to her previous flip-flops on possible runs and early retirements, here are few of my thoughts on possible candidates to replace her. Continue reading