Battleground Surrey: McCallum wants to lead?!

mccallumFormer Mayor of Surrey Doug McCallum, who already served three terms as Mayor of Surrey, announced on Monday that he will seek another term. Man who spent last decade far far away from Surrey’s political and public scene now claims that he cares that much for community and residents that he’s ready to lead once more. In statement to The Now Newspapers just before he went to make official announcement McCallum said that “it’s time for leadership and to get things done”. He also said that his campaign will be based on four key areas: crime, city finances, transportation and bringing a ward system to Surrey. If elected McCallum wants to scrap SCDC and SRES and partly I can support these two. The biggest issue after all will be his extensive baggage which is coming from his years at Council and his inactivity over the last ten years.  Continue reading


EXCLUSIVE: Surrey Regional Economic Summit 2012 Line-Up

SRES 2012: A Signature Business and Economic Event

In economic times like these every question posed about economics and politics presents a challenge for the brightest minds and the world’s largest organizations. Experts, politicians and commentators all over the world are meeting to try to determine the best course of action to take to deal with the current economic climate.  Nations are experiencing the long- lasting effects of the economic disaster that began with the Wall Street crash two years ago. A number of significant individuals will visit Surrey later this year in an effort to answer some of the toughest questions about the state of our economy and to help create a path of action for  governments and businesses.

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South Surrey Debate: Divided on Summits, World Leaders and Spending – United in Transportation vision

SURREY  – Less than a week before final countdown all-candidates debates are the best element in pursuing undecided voters to support their political programs, giving them new chances to improve situation in Surrey, placing it on the path of success and regional importance. Surrey First, Surrey Civic Coalition candidates followed by independent candidates come out at South Surrey Rotary Field House, debate was organized by South Surrey Residents Association, to discuss general issues as taxation, environment and Eco-systems protection, business and investment plans, transportation but also to challenge each other stands on one of the most controversial issues in this year – Surrey Economic Summit/George Bush visit to Surrey in October. Two candidates, each from different candidates group [Mayoral and Councillor], put a great effort to come out and captivate attention of attendees with their statements regarding current situation in Surrey. Two dozens  candidates including incumbents lead by Mayor Dianne Watts and veteran Bob Bose repeated for so many times their devotion to accountability, accessibility and careful running of the City over next term if they got elected on Saturday, November 19th. Continue reading

From Yahoo Canada: Clinton shows breadth of knowledge, Bush gets laughs at Surrey, B.C. event

(Yahoo Canada quotes my previous post on presidential visit to Surrey, BC)

U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were the special guests in Surrey, British Columbia, Thursday, for the Surrey Regional Economic Summit.

Media weren’t permitted into the event  but that didn’t stop some intrepid bloggers and writers from tweeting highlights from the event.

Among other things, the two former presidents discussed the economy, education, international affairs, and their time in office.

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Surrey Regional Economic Summit: We need to think about and work for the future generations

SURREY – British Columbia’s second largest and probably the fastest developing municipal area, Surrey, was one of the most important places to be on Thursday’s morning gathering in one sole location business, political and expert communities to discuss current and future economic development, political impact on it and need to run business on different model if society wants to be successful or able to provide all needs to future generations. Blending together experienced economic experts and writers, following with inspirational Kielburger brother duo, and closing circle with two former US Presidents organizers offer great chance to approximately 500 people to understand current economic, society and political challenges, considering what’s the best option for the future or which approach will give the best results in domestic or international relations. Continue reading

The Fourth Surrey Regional Economic Summit welcomes Presidents Clinton and Bush

SURREY – In exactly two weeks Surrey, BC’s second largest municipal centre and one of the rare communities which didn’t stop their development in recession times, will be centre of financial and economical world. Several hundred businessmen, community leaders, politicians and journalists will together for one day event in effort to discuss current situation, probably to predict future events or just to sent message to world of politics how to fight with current problems. Feature conversation on Fourth Surrey Regional Economic Summit will be hour and fifteen minutes long conversation with two former US presidents Bill Clinton and G.W. Bush. Continue reading