Kosovo elections: Good for Pristina, bad for Serbs on North

Krstimir Pantić (Photo: Screenshot)

Krstimir Pantić (Photo: Screenshot)

Kosovo Municipal elections, first ever held on its entire territory since its independence from Serbia and Brussels agreement, had been almost very good for the government in Pristina but very bad for Serbian population at the Kosovo north. Central Election Commission reported in early Monday hours that just above 47% eligible voters exercised their rights, these doesn’t include numbers from the North were election process was abruptly stopped following brutal incidents. Continue reading


UEFA, Ukraine and Poland creators of new racist generation

SURREY – While every single soccer/football fun, especially those in Europe, are expecting the start of the EURO2012 organized by Ukraine and Poland world public attention is captured with emerging facts about the situation in organizers countries and very questionable abilities to provide safe and secure environment to those who will visit them soon. For a pretty long time those who follow soccer in Southern and Eastern Europe are well informed about problems with hooligans, neo-Nazi attacks and paroles, and racism among those who are attending the games. But now with BBC Panorama documentary “Stadiums of hate”, especially focused on these two countries, done by Chris Rogers and featuring one of the England’s the best players ever Sol Campbell.  Continue reading

Historic elections of November 19th – Surrey goes with Surrey First, Bob Bose is retiring

SURREY – Last Saturday night all eyes in British Columbia were fixed on only two race, Vancouver and Surrey,everyone was interested to learn what would happen, who will be re-elected or elected and in which direction will go  two the most important municipal centers. While Vancouver race was pretty tight and on moments so interesting, Surrey’s fight for municipal leadership was not so interesting when it comes to tightness between candidates numbers it was more interesting in percentage difference which divide them on final count. Surrey’s fight transformed itself from election race to referendum on political future of the City but also whole community, decisions made on this elections will have a huge reflection on Surrey’s future, by the wish and votes of citizens.  Continue reading