Battleground Surrey: Political will and reforms needed to fix problems

city hall

(Photo: D. Beatty)

As Surrey approaches one of the most important elections in last few decades media, commentators and general public are highly concentrated on search for a solution of numerous problems facing city’s transformation from suburban to urban. Top of the list is reserved for issues of crime, transportation and population growth which will need to be resolved sooner than later if this community wants to have quality and prosperous future. These are not new problems nor they are easily fixable problems but Surrey will need a different strategy.  Continue reading

Clinton to “hug it off” with Obama

Barack Obama Hillary ClintonFormer US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will step back from her recent criticism of her former boss US President Barack Obama regarding his actions in Syria and Iraq. Apparently Clinton will “hug it off”, as per press secretary statement, with Obama when they meet at the fundraiser later this week. Clinton who is seen as one of the most prominent potential candidates for Obama’s successor in 2016 once again shows that she can not stand behind her own words.  Continue reading

Battleground Surrey: New murder and more silence

wpid-Photo-20140807225635.jpgStart of the week was once again reserved for bad news from Surrey. Another murder happened in Newton, media and police forces jointly occupied one of the most troubled neighbourhoods in the city for hours trying to understand how and why community found itself in this troubling situation. This is nothing new and it is just another piece of a puzzle which was started almost three years ago, story which up to this day doesn’t have resolution nor we have any indication when it will end. Over the next few month, up to elections in November, local politicians accompanied with public and media will discuss all important elements of crime issue. What their goal must be is to find not a simplistic or some big word idea but a real solution which will stop problem to spread even more and create more problems to the community.  Continue reading

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You musn’t lose it.” ~ Robin Williams.

Originally posted on No Strings Attached : Laila Yuile on politics and life in B.C.:

Just having spent a lovely afternoon out with my children, I came home, made snacks for them both, and filled a tall glass of ice with water and lime. And then I saw something on twitter that made my heart sink.

Just so completely shocked to just hear of Robin Williams death that I felt a strong urge to put pen to paper but that takes too long so that’s why I blog…

One of my first thoughts was  “But who’s going to make us laugh and cry like he did?”

No mockery please. To make people laugh, cry, shout in anger… to make people simply feel something at all…to be able to evoke emotions that connect us on a basic human element is no small feat.

And sadly, it seems far too often those among us most blessed with this unique talent are often the ones most haunted by demons that drive…

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Poland starts Europe’s independence from Russia?

Donald Tusk

Donald Tusk, Premier Minister of Poland (Photo: Flickr)

Since war in Ukraine started European Union member states are looking how to bypass Russia and need to rely on them for gas supplies, but many countries in Russia closest neighbourhood are looking for new ways to open travel path towards the rest of the world to avoid going over Russian territory. Poland could be first of former Russia’s allies, now EU member, with significantly powerful idea to get itself out of Russia’s reach and make it’s own situation much easier. Donald Tusk, Poland’s PM, approved late last week project which has aim to build new a new canal which will bypass Russia’s territorial waters and will open new link to Baltic Sea.  Continue reading

McCain and Clinton: Obama created vacuum and helped surge of ISIS

john mccain hillary clinton

US indifference when it comes to foreign affairs and problems related to President Obama unwillingness to have more “hands-on” approach when it comes to problems of Syria and Iraq are visible today when ISIS is taking over portions of Iraq and advances in Syria. As it was before, happens again, Barack Obama is either too late or just late to react in right moment to take a leadership in action. His failure to figure out what he wants to do and how to deal with problems in Iraq and Syria so far convinced people all over the world, especially inside US, that his foreign policy is a complete failure.

While members of Congress are calling him to react even more and to support Kurds in Iraq and Syrian rebels Obama is on his annual vacation on Martha’s Vineyards, limited airstrikes against ISIS are underway and humanitarian aid to Yazidis is coming from US, UK and France via air drops as it was done in Bosnia and many other countries over the last two decades. His opponents from the first presidential race, Sen. John McCain (GOP) and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D), had some very interesting thoughts in interviews to CNN and The Atlantic regarding Obama’s current policies.  Continue reading