#BCPoli: Clark finally on board, Opposition lost

Christy ClarkAfter not so surprising victory in Westside-Kelowna by-election Premier Christy Clark is finally on board in full force as Premier and MLA. Since she won BC Liberals leadership in early 2011 Clark fought many battles mainly against public, pollsters and caucus which often didn’t support her but her leadership opponents. She showed her ability to lead and deliver almost impossible, beating down -20 pts in polls and returning as strong majority, Clark is finally equipped with essential tools to start working on crucial issues for the people of British Columbia. Continue reading


From Surrey604.com: 3 Civic Plaza Coming to Your Neighbourhood

As the second largest metropolitan area in British Columbia, Surrey is one of the fastest developing communities in the Province and perhaps Western Canada. Surrey is an exciting place to be. Many great projects are in the works and the City of Surrey is striving to improve our quality of living, transportation and community connections. Every new addition to the City Centre is transforming the shape and feel of our City.This area is the nucleus of our new Surrey where you’ll find one of the largest construction sites in the Lower Mainland, with continuous work on the new City Hall and plans for a new Performing Arts Centre. Once an unattractive part of the City, today it is the heart of the community often featuring family friendly celebrations, such as the recent Party for the Planetand HSBC City of Bhangra Festival. In a city with a booming population (approximately +1000 new residents/month), we can foresee a need for residential projects.

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3 Civic Plaza

Fleetwood Town Hall: We need more security, infrastructure and better bylaw enforcement

Fleetwood Town Hall, at the front Mayor Watts and Cllr. Hunt listening citizens

SURREY – Surrey Town Hall series organized by the City of Surrey as the part of the commitment to establish better communication and cooperation with citizens visited Fleetwood as the last stage on the road. Mid sized group, 40-50 people, gathered at Surrey Sports and Leisure complex had rare but well deserved opportunity to meet and discuss current state of the community with Mayor Dianne Watts, Councillors Barinder Rasode and Marvin Hunt who were joined by Planning and Engineering GM’s, Jean Lamontagne and Vince Lalonde. It’s important to say up front that security, bylaw enforcement and clean Fleetwood were the most interesting areas of discussion on Tuesday evening. Once again this meeting as well as those before confirmed constant that our communities are totally unique micro organizations inside the City confirming differences in prioritization of problems and needs.  Continue reading

Central City Town Hall: Main problems are Landlords, South Perimeter Rd, Transit

Central City Town Hall Meeting

SURREY – As I already wrote here as part of my reports from The City of Surrey Town Hall meetings all our communities are facing themselves with different issues and this series of six Town Halls was the perfect chance to the elected officials to conduct direct conversation with citizens, community activists and  those interested in all City issues. In the past we saw that citizens of Newton and Guildford put their focus on issues of crime, community and sport facilities, transportation, Kinder Morgan pipeline extension, illegal suits, and ward electoral system. On the fifth out of six halls, the one facilitated at Central City Library, we saw some totally different issues as focal points and what’s more important people are openly calling on the City, Mayor and Council to transform this program to permanent feature. Councillors Rasode, Hunt, Hayne joined by Planning General Manager Jean Lamontagne, Engineering General Manager Vince Lalonde and RCMP representative openly discussed all issues, as I saw tonight they really shed the light on some apparently unknown activities by the City and partners.

Eternal question of bad landlords and their  neglect towards tenants emerged at the start of this town hall meeting. It is almost a same as it was on Guildford one people are just outraged with landlord attitude, not obeying laws and bylaws calling upon city officials to take immediate strong action to prevent future problems. From City we heard that they’re working on the bylaw enforcement, followed by communication and coordinated action with other levels of government which are sometimes crucial elements in governing housing projects. Continue reading

To Newton citizens crime, transportation and community facilities major problems

Recently The City of Surrey started series of Town Hall meeting especially designed to improve communication and open new channels of cooperation between city administration and citizens. Six part series comes as part of broader commitment to deliver proactive public engagement and ensuring local government is open, relevant, equitable, partnership-based, ethical, responsive, accessible, available, and balanced through education and communications. Citizens of Cloverdale, Newton, City Centre, North Surrey, South Surrey and Fleetwood will be in chance to meet elected officials and administrative representatives joined by RCMP members who’ll be able to answer all important questions and record new ideas, concerns and problems specific to each of communities.  Continue reading

Historic elections of November 19th – Surrey goes with Surrey First, Bob Bose is retiring

SURREY – Last Saturday night all eyes in British Columbia were fixed on only two race, Vancouver and Surrey,everyone was interested to learn what would happen, who will be re-elected or elected and in which direction will go  two the most important municipal centers. While Vancouver race was pretty tight and on moments so interesting, Surrey’s fight for municipal leadership was not so interesting when it comes to tightness between candidates numbers it was more interesting in percentage difference which divide them on final count. Surrey’s fight transformed itself from election race to referendum on political future of the City but also whole community, decisions made on this elections will have a huge reflection on Surrey’s future, by the wish and votes of citizens.  Continue reading

South Surrey Debate: Divided on Summits, World Leaders and Spending – United in Transportation vision

SURREY  – Less than a week before final countdown all-candidates debates are the best element in pursuing undecided voters to support their political programs, giving them new chances to improve situation in Surrey, placing it on the path of success and regional importance. Surrey First, Surrey Civic Coalition candidates followed by independent candidates come out at South Surrey Rotary Field House, debate was organized by South Surrey Residents Association, to discuss general issues as taxation, environment and Eco-systems protection, business and investment plans, transportation but also to challenge each other stands on one of the most controversial issues in this year – Surrey Economic Summit/George Bush visit to Surrey in October. Two candidates, each from different candidates group [Mayoral and Councillor], put a great effort to come out and captivate attention of attendees with their statements regarding current situation in Surrey. Two dozens  candidates including incumbents lead by Mayor Dianne Watts and veteran Bob Bose repeated for so many times their devotion to accountability, accessibility and careful running of the City over next term if they got elected on Saturday, November 19th. Continue reading