“No Easy Day” by Mark Owen – Nothing special, nothing extraordinary

No Easy Day by Mark Owen

Recently when former US Navy SEAL member announced publication of his memoir about the life of SEAL members and the most important mission in recent decades written under the pseudonym “Mark Owen” everybody expected that would be a mind blowing story. Media, US government, and military officials jumped on and started going in details what could be in this book about the death of Osama Bin Laden and how the publication will impact a life of current SEAL members or will Owen face himself with legal troubles. I was interested so read this book just to see if there’s a real and factual differences between the facts presented in Peter L. Bergen recent book “Manhunt – Ten year search for Bin Laden” published earlier this year. Continue reading


“The Price of Politics” paints new picture about WH vs. Congress relations

The Price of Politics by Bob Woodward

Since he wrote one of the most known books in the world “All Presidents Men” Bob Woodward is synonym for journalist and author who’s able to get behind the scenes and into the great of data about current events especially in the world of US politics. Once more Woodward is keeping us highly engaged to his presentation of events highly important not only to US citizens and society but to whole world and what could happen if something didn’t happen in the past. This time with his latest book “The Price of Politics” Woodward leads us into the behind the scenes world of debt and debt ceiling negotiations between US President Barack Obama and US Congress, especially Republican leadership in the House and Senate. We all well remember countless reports about close, private, open, group or individual meetings held last years in Washington DC when whole governmental system was under the threat of default and on the edge to plunge US once more in deepest recession and probably biggest crisis ever. Continue reading

Review: Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search For Bin Laden – From 9/11 to Abbottabad

In May last year US President Barack Obama announced on special press conference the death of most wanted and most hunted person in the world, Osama bin Laden, in Pakistani city of Abbottabad. At that moment we all wanted to know more, to dive deep into the details of covered SEAL mission, to see bin Laden corpse and to learn how US intelligence finally traced Al-Qaeda leader. Over the last year we saw that incredible picture of Obama’s closest team watching live stream of action in bin Laden compound, we hear the story how Al-Qaeda leaders body rests at the bottom of Arabian Sea, and got a chance to discuss the general details of what happen in the compound on that night. Now we have a chance to trace bin Laden’s journey from 9/11 to May 2011 in Abbottabad through the Peter L. Bergen newest book, Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search For Bin Laden – From 9/11 to Abbottabad.

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Russia: Opposition on streets, administration out of touch with reality

SURREY – In Moscow in this time of the year winter is the strongest enemy of the citizens with temperatures way below -15C, but this winter Celsius minuses are not the biggest problem. Workers, professionals, intellectuals and businessmen’s supported by Russian Orthodox Church clergy are on the streets fighting against semi-czarist regime lead by Vladimir Putin and his puppet Dmitry Medvedev. Following recent parliamentary elections opposition and their supporters come out asking for more democracy and fairness in election processes, but United Russia’s leader Putin doesn’t care about their wishes. As time is passing by and elections date is coming close Putin’s regime is starting to lose grip on power causing more damage to themselves than to opposition movement which is defiant to stay at the streets to the end.  Continue reading

Surrey City Centre Library officially open

SURREY – In a time when our society is going through hard discussions on future of books and their coexistence with e-books, when some of Canadian metropolitan area are mulling on closing libraries causing enormous outrages from local and world wide known authors, BC’s second largest metropolitan area is opening new state-of-art library. On beautiful Saturday morning and afternoon Surrey opened probably one of the best libraries in Canada if not in North America, architectural masterpiece designed by Bing Thom, celebrating community diversity and success on the transformational path from suburb to modern city. City Center Library will serve several to Surrey community not only as a Library, but also as community center, education facility, and a place from which will be continued development and integration of Valley area in modern downtown area. Continue reading