Hrvatska se vraća u fokus balkanske javnosti, Grbar Kitarović i Karamarko u punom napadu

Balkanski politički fokus posljednjih nekoliko godina bio je većinom fokusiran na politička dešavanja u Srbiji, gdje je Aleksandar Vučić svojom transformacijom i osvajanjem vlasti pokazao da se može uraditi dosta na pokretanju zemlje naprijed. U godinama prije toga fokus Balkana se nalazio na Hrvatskoj, pogotovo u godinama dok su se u Banskim dvorima nalazili premijeri Ivo Sanader i Jadranka Kosor. Danas se ponovo vraćamo konstatnom praćenju hrvatskog političkog haosa koji izazvali na jednoj strani Kolinda Grabar Kitarović i Tomislav Karamarko dok je na drugoj strani hrvatski premijer Zoran Milanović. Grabar Kitarović i Karamarko su se svojski potrudili da zemlju dovedu u gotovo ratno stanje.

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Battleground Surrey: Regular Council Meeting

City of Surrey Council will finally held a meeting following unusually long break at the start of the year. While Council in general was at the break, public was interested in two particular stories related to a City Councilor and upcoming transportation referendum. More on these two stories you can read here at wpid-Photo-20150129205822037.jpg Continue reading

Bosnian Council of Ministers is finally formed

In a surprise move, just three months after elections, in a stark difference with previous time Bosnian political leaders achieved a coalition agreement and distributed seats in federal Council of Ministers. This is second to last step left to be done in implementation of election results at the federal governmental level. Remaining step is to select party representatives whom will become ministers and to get Parliament to vote on those names. Formation of Council of Ministers comes just 24 hrs prior to Federica Mogherini, EU foreign minister, to Sarajevo in effort to speed up process which will open EU doors to Bosnia.



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From Surrey604: Is Surrey Wasting Half a Million in Taxpayer’s Money?

money-toiletMany Surrey residents are concerned about two very different issues. The first is legal action against City Councillor Tom Gill in a private case related to his publicly stated comments about a local business man. The Second is the issue of funding a “Yes” campaign for the upcoming plebiscite on transportation.

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Croatian President starts her term in divided coutnry and with regional problems

Croatian President and the first female in country’s modern political history starts her term in divided country and with a numerous regional problems. Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic took oath of the office on Sunday four days before official start of her five-year term. Grbar Kitarovic is fourth Croatian president since 1991. and follows Tudjman, Mesic and Josipovic. Former Croatian Foreign Minister and a assistant to the Secretary General of NATO woke up hopes of Croatian right for political comeback next year. Inauguration was attended by more than 80 different delegations, but major political names from EU or the rest of the world stayed away from Zagreb on this day. Key attendees were leaders of neighboring countries, with Serbian PM Vučić as star of the day. Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic sworn in as fourth president of Croatia Continue reading