Clinton at the exit doors, who’s coming in? Rice, Kerry, Huntsman,…?

Just a moments after Barack Obama finished his victory speech and moved to the backstage to celebrate with closest team media attention was shifted towards other important issues and one of them is Hillary Clinton successor at the State Department. For months Secretary Clinton at home and during her travels around the world and talks about intention to step down as soon as her successor is confirmed by US Senate. Since then she did a whole range of world wide visits sending conciliatory messages, also sending some kind of farewell messages at the end of long term career in which she occupied some of the most important state and federal positions. While I’m inclined to be suspicious about her intentions not to continue working at the State Department, due to her previous flip-flops on possible runs and early retirements, here are few of my thoughts on possible candidates to replace her. Continue reading


Obama won this battle, but will Romney win the war? (with Video)

Romney and Obama during final debate

According to majority of polls just after the Presidential debate Barack Obama won this battle and showed that he has a bit bigger knowledge and better facts than his challenger. But on the other side Romney come out with well known facts about economy and deficit through which he was able to score few valuable points ahead of last 15 campaign days. None of the score enough points to steer this race to one or other direction nor to able to claim victory before late night on November 6th.

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“No Easy Day” by Mark Owen – Nothing special, nothing extraordinary

No Easy Day by Mark Owen

Recently when former US Navy SEAL member announced publication of his memoir about the life of SEAL members and the most important mission in recent decades written under the pseudonym “Mark Owen” everybody expected that would be a mind blowing story. Media, US government, and military officials jumped on and started going in details what could be in this book about the death of Osama Bin Laden and how the publication will impact a life of current SEAL members or will Owen face himself with legal troubles. I was interested so read this book just to see if there’s a real and factual differences between the facts presented in Peter L. Bergen recent book “Manhunt – Ten year search for Bin Laden” published earlier this year. Continue reading

Review: Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search For Bin Laden – From 9/11 to Abbottabad

In May last year US President Barack Obama announced on special press conference the death of most wanted and most hunted person in the world, Osama bin Laden, in Pakistani city of Abbottabad. At that moment we all wanted to know more, to dive deep into the details of covered SEAL mission, to see bin Laden corpse and to learn how US intelligence finally traced Al-Qaeda leader. Over the last year we saw that incredible picture of Obama’s closest team watching live stream of action in bin Laden compound, we hear the story how Al-Qaeda leaders body rests at the bottom of Arabian Sea, and got a chance to discuss the general details of what happen in the compound on that night. Now we have a chance to trace bin Laden’s journey from 9/11 to May 2011 in Abbottabad through the Peter L. Bergen newest book, Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search For Bin Laden – From 9/11 to Abbottabad.

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Troubleshooter is gone – Richard Holbrooke (1941-2010)

US and world diplomacy lost one of the greatest members. Richard C. Holbrooke lost his last battle, he’s heart didn’t had power to conquer this last battle with broken aorta. Half a century long career ended suddenly in a moments of preparations for new steps in Afghanistan-Pakistan mission and regular mission review with US President Barack Obama. Diplomat who served under presidents L. B. Johnson, J. Carter, B. Clinton and B. H. Obama will be remembered as “Father of Dayton Peace Agreement” which stopped Bosnian war in November 1995. 

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Holbrooke: Afghanistan is not Vietnam nor Bosnia

Richard Holbrooke is one of the most active U.S. diplomats in last fifteens years, two of three last administrations used his services in highly important missions in Bosnia, on Kosovo and today in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In a moments when WikiLeaks is reporting about sever abuses of human rights in Iraq, what could leave a great impact on Afghanistan and Pakistan army and diplomatic leaders are reaching media in effort to supress effects.  Both sides confirmed that Talibans are reaching officials in Kabul in some sort of peace talks, but Holbrooke is not confident to say that Karzai administration and Talibans are conducting peace negotiations.


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