Surrey Civic Treasure Awards 2013

treasureArts are an integral part of every community and without the arts our cultural, social and creative development would suffer. They often work behind the scenes, but we must celebrate those who devote their lives to learning, performing and teaching arts in our community. Every year, the City of Surrey honors these “invisible” faces with the “Surrey Civic Treasure” award.

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FACE TV Redakacija on Blogging in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a potential new form of journalism

Topic: Blogging in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a potential new form of journalism. About this theme for us are talking: Esmir Milavić, FaceTV commentator and blogger, and the youngest Bosnian movie director Kenan Musić.

New BC Cabinet – New Surrey/Langley Cabinet

Premier and new Cabinet (Photo: Flickr)

Premier and new Cabinet (Photo: Flickr)

On Friday Premier Christy Clark unveiled her new Cabinet, for the first time truly her Cabinet. First look on the list of names included in new BC Executive Council tells us that Premier decided to make mix of old and new, some Campbell era influencers with many rookies who are not maybe experienced on provincial level but certainly they’re on the municipal level. I would say that I’m surprised with some choices but about that a bit later. Continue reading

Sa PROF Komunikacije: Kakve veze ima brak sa PR-om i korporativnim komuniciranjem?

lazy husbandBrak je institucija. Usvojeno! Da li ovo znači da učesnici ove orgnizacije tj. supružnici moraju istovremeno biti i dobri PR menadžeri ? Potvrđeno!

Ukoliko ste član bračne zajednice ili korporacije sastavljene od dvije zasebne upravne jedinice koje će se na nekom stepenu početi voditi istim načelima i zakonima, vi ste zapravo u situaciji koja vam nalaže kontinuirano izučavanja vještina komuniciranja unutar i izvan vaše institucije.

Da bi poruka bila poslana i procesuirana u softweru vašeg „business“ partnera, potrebno je razraditi određene korake. Prije preduzimanja mjera, svakako je neophodno razmotriti vanjske čimbenike koji bi mogli uticati na ishod situacije.

Više pročitajte ovde.

Citizenville and citizen engaged government

open govGovernment and it’s functionality is often one of the eternal questions. Everyday we listen, read or write how governments on all levels are non-transparent, inaccessible or detached from actual needs of those to whom they should serve. Enormous bureaucratic systems, slow beyond apprehension and often very successful in wasting taxpayers money. Over the last few years numerous public speakers, digital world leaders, big data researchers are coming with many innovative ideas how to transform this in many countries, 18th-19th rarely 20th century systems, with more open and more accessible governing conglomerates. Key roles in this transformative reform will be played by young people with background in programming, coding, web design and social media as one of the largest communication channels today. Continue reading