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Israelis and Palestinians at the table, what to expect?

Martin Indyk and John Kerry (Photo: Flickr)
Martin Indyk and John Kerry (Photo: Flickr)

An iftar dinner which usually signifies end of fasting and starting of eating time for Muslims during the Holy Month of Ramadan was chosen by the US Sec. of State John Kerry as the kick-off event for a Mideast Peace Negotiations in Washington on Monday night. Two sides represented by very experienced negotiators and political players Tzipi Livni and Saeb Erekat helped by the Ambassador Martin Indyk, former US Ambassador to Israel, will start working on procedural elements of the negotiations process. This as I wrote previously here comes as a result of a very engaged shuffle diplomacy effort by the Secretary Kerry over the last few weeks waking hopes that final peace could be achieved. Continue reading “Israelis and Palestinians at the table, what to expect?”

Kerry opens MidEast Peace Process

John Kerry and Tzipi Livni
John Kerry and Tzipi Livni

Experienced foreign affair maverick and politician who learned how to tackle many serious issues over the last few decades as US Senator John Kerry finally opened doors for continuation of MidEast Peace Process between Israel and Palestine. According to latest media reports Palestinians and Israelis will finally sit and open new round of negotiations, despite world wide scepticism regarding possible deal. Peace process is stalled over the last two years due to unwillingness from both sides to reach compromise on key issues: Israeli settlements and Palestinian 1967 border requests. Continue reading “Kerry opens MidEast Peace Process”

Kerry must to learn how to deal with GOP, Syria and Russia

John Kerry probably the best choice to replace ClintonAs this year is coming to it’s end and US President Barack Obama is getting ready to officially start his second term, focus is on his battle with GOP on fiscal cliff, and departure of his once upon a time biggest enemy Hillary Clinton. As she decided to retire from official politics and pursue different path in her career public is slowly getting more and more interested in her successor Sen. John Kerry. Kerry is lucky this time, more than he ever been because GOP worked for him and cleared a path to become new Secretary of State. First of all they mounted extensive media campaign in which he was proclaimed as one of the best candidates to replace Clinton, and ferociously attacked his opponent Susan Rice. Continue reading “Kerry must to learn how to deal with GOP, Syria and Russia”

The Fourth Surrey Regional Economic Summit welcomes Presidents Clinton and Bush

SURREY – In exactly two weeks Surrey, BC’s second largest municipal centre and one of the rare communities which didn’t stop their development in recession times, will be centre of financial and economical world. Several hundred businessmen, community leaders, politicians and journalists will together for one day event in effort to discuss current situation, probably to predict future events or just to sent message to world of politics how to fight with current problems. Feature conversation on Fourth Surrey Regional Economic Summit will be hour and fifteen minutes long conversation with two former US presidents Bill Clinton and G.W. Bush. Continue reading “The Fourth Surrey Regional Economic Summit welcomes Presidents Clinton and Bush”

Bosnia and Herzegovina will follow EU stand on Palestinian case

SURREY/SARAJEVO – Bosnia and Herzegovina will follow stands of European Union and other major political players in late in September on United Nations General Assembly regarding Palestinian request for membership and seat in General Assembly. This is only and probably the best result of meetings held between Bosnian leadership and Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas who’s in three day official visit to Sarajevo. As it was expected Bosnian Presidency expressed different views on this issue stating extremely polarized opinions regarding Palestinian-Israeli dispute and future of two states in Middle East, seat at UN and future relations between Bosnia,Palestine and Israel. Continue reading “Bosnia and Herzegovina will follow EU stand on Palestinian case”

Mahmoud Abbas in first visit to Sarajevo

SURREY/SARAJEVO- – Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, today starts his first ever official visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina. In next two days Abbas will meet with members of Bosnian Presidency, Foreign Affair minister and other state officials.
Continue reading “Mahmoud Abbas in first visit to Sarajevo”

Israel seeks regular meeting with Abbas

Benjamin Netanyahu, Barack Obama and Mahmoud Abbas
Benjamin Netanyahu, Barack Obama and Mahmoud Abbas

New round of formal and direct negotiations between Israel and Palestinian Authority will start on next Thursday morning in Washington under sponsorship of Obama administration. Both sides appointed their chief negotiators and American side would be represented by Sen. George Mitchell. Israeli side will be represented by Netanyahu’s close friend and lawyer Yitzak Molcho, on the other side of the table would seat long time negotiations veteran Saeb Erekat man who stands behind several rounds of negotiations and peace agreement. Continue reading “Israel seeks regular meeting with Abbas”

Shimon Peres supports two state solution

Shimon Peres and Ivo Josipovic
Shimon Peres and Ivo Josipovic, photo:Pixsell

Israeli President Shimon Peres on Friday started his three day state visit to Croatia where he will held talks with President Ivo Josipovic and PM Jadranka Kosor, and he will visit Memorial complex Jasenovac [concentration camp in WWII] and laid his respect to the victims of Ustasha regime.

In interview to the Jutarnji list Newspaper Mr. Peres laid out his expressions about bilateral relations between Israel and Croatia, but also glimpses his opinion on future relations between Israel and Palestine.

Clearly President Peres supports idea of two states for Israeli’s and Palestinian’s. As wise politician and experienced man Mr. Peres explains current Israeli – Palestinian situation as a two persons who can’t live together under one roof.

“If two people can live together in the same building under the same roof for them you build two houses. You may not have agreed to share the same roof if you do not have such a floor”, said Mr. Peres.

Mr. Peres is said that force is not option and that there is no future if someone tries to use force as solution. The only plausible solution is two states in peace.

“We have two states. We cannot force them, and even those of us that live in the same house. In fact there is no future. There is the fact that we live next to each other in peace. There is no other solution than the one which involves two separate states. The Palestinians will get their independent state. There is some controversy on the border line, but it is not more than 3, 4 or 5 percent”, he said.

Dispute over humanitarian flotilla which was trying to enter to Gaza, and deliver several thousand tons of supplies to Palestinians is causing major international problems to Israel. President Peres thinks that this whole story was amazing and very well constructed and that key for naval blockade is in the hands of Hamas.

“The convoy had six ships. Provocation was organized on only one of them. They try to kill our soldiers and we have acted in self-defence. The whole story is amazing. Why did they send boats to Gaza when help can arrive by land? Nobody stops the supply of aid to Gaza. We have established the naval blockade, because we don’t want them to deliver weapons, but blockade can be picked up literally in five minutes. A key to this issue is in the hands of Hamas. They should say: ‘we will stop killing, we will stop terrorizing Israel’, and the matter is resolved. The will be no problems”, said Mr. Peres.

Responding on questions about Iranian nuclear programs and possibilities of building atomic bomb Mr. Peres said that this is not exclusive Israel’s problem but that is a worldwide problem. He also added that situation will be the same if someone tries to smuggle nuclear weapons in Chechenya, Iraq or Afghanistan, and that Iranian problem is combination of possession of weapons of mass destruction and irresponsible regimes.

Paintball guns in flotilla accident?!

Miriam Ziv, Israel ambassador to Canada
Miriam Ziv, Israel ambassador to Canada

Israeli ambassador to Canada Mrs. Miriam Ziv during her interview to CBC’s Power & Politics with Evan Solomon says clearly and confidently that IDF soldiers didn’t carry any lethal arms with themselves when they raided ships in international waters. Mrs. Ziv stated that IDF soldiers had only paintball guns with themselves when they arrived on the boats in flotilla which was carrying humanitarian aid to Palestinian people in Gaza. In this accident IDF soldiers killed more than dozen people, and according to Israeli representative in Canada, they do that with paintball guns.

If this is true international community must to start separate investigation in paintball industry and to verify is there any possibility for someone to be killed in or out of paintball course.  But if you ask anyone who served in army forces he will tell you that guns seen on the army footages are not paintball guns, so we can conclude that Mrs. Ziv was not sincere with Canadian public and families of captivated Canadians and killed aid workers on the ships.

Beside this Mrs. Ziv tells us that authorities can’t provide any proof of wrong doing on those boats because whole situation is under investigations of authorities. Mrs. Ziv also says that anyone will say that action was rightful and legal, and she used her own sons as examples for those ones who are supporting action. Well if your mother is ambassador and if you’re former Israeli soldier is not surprising thing that you will support action any army action.

As we can hear US State Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton calls for impartial and independent investigation of this case and I think that’s best way to conclude this story forever. Independent investigation should be led by UN’s experts especially those ones well experienced in maritime law and army actions. It seems that Israel is not in favour of this kind of international investigation because they afraid that someone will conclude their wrong doings in this case what’s put’s many questions in front of us. I must to say this is not James Bond movie this is real situation and if something happens in international waters any side who attacks in those waters must to be called on responsibility and be punished for taken actions.

We need a truth about whole case, not a recreational paintball stories from bureaucratic offices all over the world.

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