Edward Lucas u BV-u: Rusija će raditi na destabilizaciji Balkana, imate pravo biti zabrinuti


Erdogan wins Turkish Presidential elections

Erdogan speaking to his supporters in Istanbul (Photo: TRT)

Erdogan speaking to his supporters in Istanbul (Photo: TRT)

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan won first and historic Turkish presidential election in which voters decided who will lead a country over the next term, he will serve as the 12th President of the Republic since Kemal Atatürk abolished Ottoman Empire and transformed Turkey into a republican political system. Erdogan will succeed party colleague and one of closest political allies Abdullah Gül and will continue AKP era in presidential office. According to media reports Erdogan won with 53% of votes after almost 95% of counted votes, while his opponents Ekmeleddin Ishanoglu i Selahattin Demirtas got just over 30 and 9 percent of support from Turkish voters.  Continue reading

Battleground Surrey: History will be made with Rasode in race for Surrey Mayor

barinde rasodeSurrey political scene is already more heated then it is weather outside and across this great nation. Reason is of course that this year will make or break great vision in creation of metropolis of once the largest suburb in the Western Canada. These municipal elections will be historic in many ways and few of them will be explained later. At this point only three candidates  declared their intention to run, but one name is expected and wished to be seen among them. That is name of independent Surrey Councillor Barinder Rasode. 

If Rasode enters the race situation would be dramatically changed and the course of future of this city will be decided, either with or without her winning a race, but her voice will be highly important and valued. She will find herself faced with many struggles, obstacles and problems which will require solution if she wants to lead this city over the next term. Election campaign of 2014 will be of especially significance for Barinder Rasode because she will be first South Asian women with fair chances to become a mayor of a North American city in the history.  Continue reading

Guest Post: The Future Lives Here??? by Martin Rooney

Martin Rooney and Jen Marchbank

Martin Rooney and Jen Marchbank


This could be an expose of many other underlying issues affecting our municipality. An historic first for North America with Toronto having just hosted the first ever WorldPride in North America. The scenes of Canada’s largest city embracing millions of people proud of who they are, was amazing. The economic impact of the willingness to fly the Pride flag on municipal flag poles has served many many Canadian cities well. From Halifax to Victoria the Pride Flag flies on municipal buildings for at least one day during the pride season. Some tend to embrace the GLBT community even further by flying the flag for the whole week surrounding their Prides. Continue reading

Battleground Surrey: Watts vs. Rasode

watts-rasodePolitical scene in British Columbia’s second largest municipality, now populated by more than half a million people, is changed forever and never again will be a same. One of the most influential and the most popular politicians not only in the province but in Canada Mayor Dianne Watts is faced with one of her once most prominent colleagues and Councillors. Barinder Rasode, first ever East-Indian Surrey elected Councillor, resigned last week from Watts’s Surrey First Coalition and decided to sit the rest of the term as independent.

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