Kwan did not know, the Government did not know – both responsible

bc LegislaturePolitical scene in British Columbia is always highly toxic, partisan and at most times ridiculous doesn’t matter if you look at the government or the opposition benches. While BC Liberals, government since 2001, are trying to present themselves as one of the most successful governments and most capable results are far different. On the other side official opposition, BC NDP, is trying to be a moral, judgmental and to profile themselves as viable option to BC voters they’re far from that. Continue reading


BC NDP has a 5-point plan for Surrey, more of the old ideas

Adrian DixBC NDP presented their so-called 5-point plan aimed to resolve problems in Surrey following murder of Julie Paskall in Newton two weeks ago. This plan which was presented by Adrian Dix and several of his local MLA’a is focused on almost all points which are key issues in Surrey over the years. First things which comes to attention when you look at the media reports are that Dix and Co. accused BC Liberals for non-action over the last 10 years, also they said that implementation would not require rising taxes because all levels of government will be part of it.  Continue reading

Clark to the opposition: Get out and get ideas

Premier ClarkBC Premier Christy Clark who recently defied all prediction regarding her ability to win elections and lead this province over the next four years this week during her East Coast tour in interview with CBC’s Peter Mansbridge sent several messages to her opposition and people not only in the province. It is interesting that this time she didn’t described political life in provincial capital as “toxic”, cancellation of fall sitting at the Legislature got totally different explanation this time. Continue reading

#BCPoli: Clark finally on board, Opposition lost

Christy ClarkAfter not so surprising victory in Westside-Kelowna by-election Premier Christy Clark is finally on board in full force as Premier and MLA. Since she won BC Liberals leadership in early 2011 Clark fought many battles mainly against public, pollsters and caucus which often didn’t support her but her leadership opponents. She showed her ability to lead and deliver almost impossible, beating down -20 pts in polls and returning as strong majority, Clark is finally equipped with essential tools to start working on crucial issues for the people of British Columbia. Continue reading

Premier Clark, municipal by-elections and taxpayers money

Premier Clark

Premier calls for leave of absence

The world of BC politics is always one of the most interesting parts of Canadian politics. In line with that Premier Clark on last general election failed to keep her own seat in Vancouver-Point Grey losing it to NDP MLA and her previous contender David Eby. As we know in following days or weeks province will organize by-election for Premier Clark in one of BC ridings so she can become MLA and form new government in days after that. That will cost BC taxpayers substantial amount of money which will be added to the bill which is already served for general elections. But Premier Clark has another big problem, this time with MLA’s who are in a same time elected officials in almost a dozen BC municipalities. Some of them are Councillors some are Mayor’s as Langley’s Peter Fassbender who’s one of the strongest candidates for Clark’s new Cabinet. Continue reading

BC Elections Radio Debate: Clark “all the same”, Dix pretty confident, Sterk and Cummins surprise

Photo: YouTube screenshot

Photo: YouTube screenshot

Four BC political leaders sit down to talk all important issues regarding our citizens and their future, this was one of two chances to see and hear all leaders at once. After hour and a half of debate just few issues emerged as the most important to voters and the leaders. Debt, deficit budget, economy, government transparency are just few of those. What we see and hear on Friday at CKNW was expected to anybody with decent knowledge of BC politics. Continue reading

BC premiership race: Dix vs. Clark and Watts

Adrian DixPolitical world of British Columbia is in one of the most interesting periods in recent history. Huge political shift which is expected to happen following next month elections will certainly decide our future and lives of many. Shift from BC Liberals to BC NDP as it is expected will be costly and very challenging change for over 4 million people residing here, and those who will either arrive or will be born here. Of course our main attention is focused on leaders of both parties, who’ll have the ultimate responsibility in decision making process whoever wins May elections. Continue reading