Battleground Surrey: Suicide by Hepner Campaign – Done and over!

Linda Hepner glassesElection campaigns are the most stressful and most important moments in the life of any politician. Those few month every few years can elevate you to the next phase of your career or destroy you forever. Whatever is going in your life at that time you need particular profession, journalists, to enable you to reach your goal. Their work will give you either positive or absolutely negative picture in public and your chances will be that much better or worse on voting day. You might like or dislike them but there’s one rule: never lie on journalists. Especially don’t do it in today’s world of modern technology where every word, sound, picture or movie is preserved, protected and archived for the future. Or let me put it like this, as I usually say: Politicians are they’re own worst enemies and they often use boomerang to hit their own noses. Surrey mayoral candidate Linda Hepner and her campaign team did particularly that. It is a time to leave political scene! Continue reading


Battleground Surrey: Watts vs. Rasode

watts-rasodePolitical scene in British Columbia’s second largest municipality, now populated by more than half a million people, is changed forever and never again will be a same. One of the most influential and the most popular politicians not only in the province but in Canada Mayor Dianne Watts is faced with one of her once most prominent colleagues and Councillors. Barinder Rasode, first ever East-Indian Surrey elected Councillor, resigned last week from Watts’s Surrey First Coalition and decided to sit the rest of the term as independent.

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Premier Clark, municipal by-elections and taxpayers money

Premier Clark

Premier calls for leave of absence

The world of BC politics is always one of the most interesting parts of Canadian politics. In line with that Premier Clark on last general election failed to keep her own seat in Vancouver-Point Grey losing it to NDP MLA and her previous contender David Eby. As we know in following days or weeks province will organize by-election for Premier Clark in one of BC ridings so she can become MLA and form new government in days after that. That will cost BC taxpayers substantial amount of money which will be added to the bill which is already served for general elections. But Premier Clark has another big problem, this time with MLA’s who are in a same time elected officials in almost a dozen BC municipalities. Some of them are Councillors some are Mayor’s as Langley’s Peter Fassbender who’s one of the strongest candidates for Clark’s new Cabinet. Continue reading

Guildford Town Hall: Pipeline, Illegal suites, Sustainable energy, Community pool and ward system

The Town Hall tour continued on Wednesday night this time visiting Guildford area and opening chance to the citizens to meet and ask some very though questions regarding the most important issues for this city centre. As that was a case on previous Town Halls The City of Surrey was represented by two Councillors Barbara Steele and Barinder Rasode, Planning & Development General Manager Jean Lamontagne, Engineering GM Vince Lalonde and several administrative officials. As we saw on one of the previous Town Halls, the Newton one, discussion focus was on crime, community facilities and transportation, Guildford meeting was focused on some different areas. Focus on Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, eternal issue of illegal suites, sustainable energy, community pool and electoral reform which could reintroduce ward system.  Continue reading

Historic elections of November 19th – Surrey goes with Surrey First, Bob Bose is retiring

SURREY – Last Saturday night all eyes in British Columbia were fixed on only two race, Vancouver and Surrey,everyone was interested to learn what would happen, who will be re-elected or elected and in which direction will go  two the most important municipal centers. While Vancouver race was pretty tight and on moments so interesting, Surrey’s fight for municipal leadership was not so interesting when it comes to tightness between candidates numbers it was more interesting in percentage difference which divide them on final count. Surrey’s fight transformed itself from election race to referendum on political future of the City but also whole community, decisions made on this elections will have a huge reflection on Surrey’s future, by the wish and votes of citizens.  Continue reading

South Surrey Debate: Divided on Summits, World Leaders and Spending – United in Transportation vision

SURREY  – Less than a week before final countdown all-candidates debates are the best element in pursuing undecided voters to support their political programs, giving them new chances to improve situation in Surrey, placing it on the path of success and regional importance. Surrey First, Surrey Civic Coalition candidates followed by independent candidates come out at South Surrey Rotary Field House, debate was organized by South Surrey Residents Association, to discuss general issues as taxation, environment and Eco-systems protection, business and investment plans, transportation but also to challenge each other stands on one of the most controversial issues in this year – Surrey Economic Summit/George Bush visit to Surrey in October. Two candidates, each from different candidates group [Mayoral and Councillor], put a great effort to come out and captivate attention of attendees with their statements regarding current situation in Surrey. Two dozens  candidates including incumbents lead by Mayor Dianne Watts and veteran Bob Bose repeated for so many times their devotion to accountability, accessibility and careful running of the City over next term if they got elected on Saturday, November 19th. Continue reading

Surrey’s transportation “nightmare” is in question: Light Rail or Skytrain?

SURREY – As we’re entering last week of municipal election campaign every single opportunity to have candidates from all sides is greater and important for those who’ll cast their votes next weekend, especially to those who still didn’t made their final decision regarding support to one of the coalitions or independent candidates for Surrey Council and Mayor. Citizens Transportation Initiative hosted on Sunday afternoon their second debate on issues of Transportation in Surrey, featuring four very important topics and asking two candidates from all sides to answer on questions related to these issues. This debate was held at Fleetwood Library with slightly bigger audience than it was on their first debate two weeks ago at Newton Library.

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