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EU Council signs Provisional Agreement with Ukraine, Putin annexation of Crimea

yatsenyuk rompuyFirst part of the agreement which started last phase of Ukrainian revolution and caused Crimean crisis was signed on Friday in Brussels between European Union and Provisional Government of Ukraine. Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign two part agreement and decided to side with Moscow cost hundreds of Ukrainians lives, thousands others were either injured or displaced now since Russia took over Crimea. The EU and its Member States are committed to signed remainder of the Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area later. Sides will start political dialogue in April EU Council stated. Continue reading “EU Council signs Provisional Agreement with Ukraine, Putin annexation of Crimea”

Canada is on the right side of history, Ukrainian side

Yulia Tymoshenko and John Baird (Photo: Flickr)
Yulia Tymoshenko and John Baird (Photo: Flickr)

Recent history shows that Canadian diplomacy and foreign policy often haven’t been on the right side of history, especially since Stephen Harper become a Prime Minister, much less since John Baird become his foreign affair minister. They made several mistakes in relation with MidEast, Arab Spring but surprisingly they’re not only on the right side of history in case of Ukraine’s fight for democracy, but Harper-Baird duo took leadership. Continue reading “Canada is on the right side of history, Ukrainian side”

Ukraine: Who’s stronger people or Putin?

Yanukovych walk away from EU Leaders
Yanukovych walk away from EU Leaders

Since Vladimir Putin become the President of Russian Federation one trend is persistent and that is to restart SSSR power through overwhelming influence in former member states. Once that was Georgia, today that’s Ukraine, tomorrow probably it will be Serbia or some other “ally” nation. What’s happening in Ukraine today is not a first time that Putin thugs and political pressure are working against wishes of people to move forward and towards Brussels. Last time Leonid Kuchma was still a president when Putin tried to stop the nation and force his will but it failed after the Supreme Court and people opposed in their own ways.  Continue reading “Ukraine: Who’s stronger people or Putin?”

Putin continues fight against the West and the rest

Vladimir Putin, supreme Russian leader (Photo: Flickr)
Vladimir Putin, supreme Russian leader (Photo: Flickr)

In her last year book on Russian President Vladimir Putin, journalist Masha Gessen, wrote an exceptional description of this former KGB agent turned supreme leader of the Russian Federation over the last almost 15 years. She writes:

“Putin loved the Soviet Union, and he loved its KGB, and when he had power of his own, effectively running the financial system of the country’s second-largest city, he wanted to build a system just like them. It would be a closed system built on total control – especially control over the flow of information and the flow of money.” 

Clinton at the exit doors, who’s coming in? Rice, Kerry, Huntsman,…?

Just a moments after Barack Obama finished his victory speech and moved to the backstage to celebrate with closest team media attention was shifted towards other important issues and one of them is Hillary Clinton successor at the State Department. For months Secretary Clinton at home and during her travels around the world and talks about intention to step down as soon as her successor is confirmed by US Senate. Since then she did a whole range of world wide visits sending conciliatory messages, also sending some kind of farewell messages at the end of long term career in which she occupied some of the most important state and federal positions. While I’m inclined to be suspicious about her intentions not to continue working at the State Department, due to her previous flip-flops on possible runs and early retirements, here are few of my thoughts on possible candidates to replace her. Continue reading “Clinton at the exit doors, who’s coming in? Rice, Kerry, Huntsman,…?”

Why Barack Obama got second chance?

One of the biggest questions following Barack Obama's victory over Mitt Romney on Tuesday night is why Obama got second chance/four more years in White House? Many would say because of this or that, and many will come with partisan answers theories or like that happen on Fox News Channel with some unbelievable explanations why numbers don't up or who won or not. On the other side you'll find people like Donald Trump who issued revolutionary calls to US public based on final election results or President himself as the owner of most RT'ed tweet in the history of this social network. Answer on this question is multilayered, complex and controversial but here are some of my thoughts on that.

Continue reading “Why Barack Obama got second chance?”

Obama won this battle, but will Romney win the war? (with Video)

Romney and Obama during final debate

According to majority of polls just after the Presidential debate Barack Obama won this battle and showed that he has a bit bigger knowledge and better facts than his challenger. But on the other side Romney come out with well known facts about economy and deficit through which he was able to score few valuable points ahead of last 15 campaign days. None of the score enough points to steer this race to one or other direction nor to able to claim victory before late night on November 6th.

Continue reading “Obama won this battle, but will Romney win the war? (with Video)”

Creators of Putin regime deflecting to the opposition

In a days when Russian president-elect is getting ready for official start of his third term (six years) creators of his ‘sovereign democracy’ system are deflecting to the opposition. Gleb Pavlovsky and Marat Gellman were members of “Putin Project” which started in 1999 and 2000 in effort to create new governing system which is called “managed democracy”. According to Pavlovsky and others this system was designed to avoid political upheaval and restrict the choices Russian voters could make. Continue reading “Creators of Putin regime deflecting to the opposition”

Russia: Opposition on streets, administration out of touch with reality

SURREY – In Moscow in this time of the year winter is the strongest enemy of the citizens with temperatures way below -15C, but this winter Celsius minuses are not the biggest problem. Workers, professionals, intellectuals and businessmen’s supported by Russian Orthodox Church clergy are on the streets fighting against semi-czarist regime lead by Vladimir Putin and his puppet Dmitry Medvedev. Following recent parliamentary elections opposition and their supporters come out asking for more democracy and fairness in election processes, but United Russia’s leader Putin doesn’t care about their wishes. As time is passing by and elections date is coming close Putin’s regime is starting to lose grip on power causing more damage to themselves than to opposition movement which is defiant to stay at the streets to the end.  Continue reading “Russia: Opposition on streets, administration out of touch with reality”

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